One intrepid Destiny player takes on and defeats the intimidating Crota with an impressive obstacle in the way: the gamer was blindfolded the entire time.

Destiny players are no strangers to setting difficult challenges for some of the most hard-to-beat sections of the game. However, one gamer on the hunt for a seemingly insurmountable battle has gone to a real extreme. Reddit user GladHeAteHer182 took on Crota whilst wearing a blindfold. Even better, the user was able to defeat the son of Oryx.

According to the gamer, the impressive feat took a lot of effort. According to his comments, defeating Crota blindfolded took over 20 hours in total, over a period of a few days. A number of strategies were deployed, including relying on audio cues and controller vibration, but the Destiny enemy himself was impossible to predict.

Aside from comments praising the completion of such a task, already other fans of the Bungie title are requesting that GladHeAteHer182 ups it to the next stage. Amongst the challenges set are defeating Crota using nothing but a Dance Dance Revolution mat and even taking on the entirety of the Crota’s End raid without being able to see. Some time may be needed to sit back and enjoy completing the challenge, however, which can be seen below.

The gamer in question is no stranger to fiendish Destiny challenges, however, so one of the above could be on the cards. In fact, the player has regularly taken on Crota using a number of different challenges, including the likes of beating Crota’s End using a Rock Band drum kit. Meanwhile, other gamers have set about challenges such as beating the raid without firing any guns.

Destiny proves to be an interesting conundrum for many players, with the title home to a strong user base in spite of a developer-admitted lack of long term goals. Some have also tried to pin down exactly what makes Destiny such a moreish proposition for players. One gamer, in the middle of a break from the game, took the time to analyse the title’s addictive qualities, pinpointing Bungie’s clever use of scheduling and the ratio at which players are likely to find useful items in-game.

That said, the developer is still trying to bring more out of the hugely popular multiplayer title, with many an attempt to bring the wealth of Destiny lore into the actual gameplay. Although players are often content with self-imposed challenges, perhaps there will be more to help make Destiny become more substantial in future. At the very least, the Warpriest raid will bring with it some impressive challenges for gamers to overcome.

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