GR Pick: Destiny Cosplayer Creates Awesome Exo Hunter

Destiny Cosplay with Ghost

In the world of cosplay, nothing is off limits. From TV to movies to anime to video games, the skilled cosplayers of the world have shown that they can take any creation and bring it to life with a little design know-how.

And while it’s hard to label just one video game as the go-to franchise for cosplay, League of Legends has been a hugely popular source of inspiration. Just walk the halls of any major gaming event, like this month’s Gamescom for example, and you’re likely to see lavish costumes built to represent the heroes of League in all their glory.

However, although League of Legends is king when it comes to video game cosplay, many talented designers have begun looking to Destiny for their latest costume ideas. We’ve already detailed one Destiny cosplayer's stunning Warlock costume – complete with Thorn replica – but this latest one is a little heavier on the design side. See, rather than go for a human-like Destiny guardian design, this cosplayer, who goes by the name Fred Props, chose to create an Exo Hunter.

As readers can see in the gallery below, Fred Props’ Exo Hunter perfectly captures the design of Bungie’s robotic race. From the glowing blue eyes to the Exo’s shard-like skin, the cosplay Hunter’s costume is unlike anything we’ve seen thus far. Admittedly, there have been some Destiny cosplays that are stunning in terms of their armor detail – arguably better than what Fred Props put together – but it’s all about that Exo faceplate.

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In addition to that, Fred Props created an awesome replica of Destiny’s Ghost that’s higher in quality than the “Ghost” included with the Collector’s Edition of Destiny. In fact, the cosplayer is hoping to gift his Ghost replica to the Bungie devs at Gamescom 2015 this week. Bungie will, of course, be at Gamescom showing off Destiny: The Taken King, the first major expansion for the MMO/FPS hybrid and the beginning of year 2 for players.

All told, Fred Props is certainly a Destiny cosplayer to watch, as we’re sure this isn’t the last he’s paid homage to Bungie’s hugely popular, and extremely polarizing new game. If you check out his Facebook page, it looks like Fred Props’ next cosplay is that of a Titan, just in time for the release of the Titan figure from 3A.

What do you think of Fred Props’ Exo Hunter cosplay? Do you think Destiny lends itself well to cosplay?

Source: Fred Props (via Kotaku)

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