Destiny 1 Not Getting Another Content Update, Activision Clarifies

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During a quarterly earnings call Destiny's publisher, Activision, made a vague statement about a free Destiny content update hitting Quarter 2 of this year. That sent fans into a frenzy, theorizing that more DLC was coming Destiny's way, perhaps to lead into Destiny 2 launching this fall. However, Activision later clarified that the statement was referencing Age of Triumph, which came out this past March.

It was an honest mistake, but the news exploded on Twitter, YouTube, and some news outlets before Activision was able to tweet out the correction:

Destiny's developer, Bungie, had previously announced earlier this year that Age of Triumph was the last piece of content that Destiny 1 would receive. So it clearly rattled fans when the statement made by Activision's CFO sounded like more was coming.

It wasn't a hard leap of logic to make considering Bungie's history in adding minor content updates ahead of major DLC releases, such as the Blades of Crota suddenly spawning in public spaces ahead of The Dark Below or Petra Venj appearing in the Tower with bounties just before the release of House of Wolves. But it was all for naught.


Although Destiny 1 will no longer receive new content, Bungie has promised to support and maintain Destiny 1 past the launch of Destiny 2, which comes out September 8. For how long is unclear.

Age of Triumph is the last hurrah for Destiny 1, which brought back all the game's raids, remastering them to an extent and bringing them up to 390 Light. Alongside that, Bungie brought elemental primary weapons back to each raid's loot table, albeit as exotics instead of legendaries.

The content drop also added a massive record book that requires a pretty hefty grind to complete, no doubt in hopes to keep players busy until Destiny 2 launches this fall. But the focus is quickly shifting to Destiny 2 with an official gameplay reveal in just two weeks and what will likely be more to show at E3 in June.

Speaking of Destiny 2, during the same earnings call, Activision said the game will be getting "meaningful features" for its PC version, which will be discussed during the May 18 gameplay reveal. Those features are likely there to offset the exclusives that PlayStation 4 will receive, as the Destiny franchise looks to expand its player base to PC gamers.

Destiny is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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