Destiny’s developer Bungie announces that its Live Team is working on a content update that will come out this year, giving fans more to do before an expected sequel in 2017.

It appears that Bungie is not quite ready to talk about the sequel to Destiny expected out later this year, but it is ready to start teasing a new content update that will hit sometime in the future. The update will likely be similar to The Dawning, a live event that just ended earlier this month, which reintroduced Sparrow Racing League, added Strike Scoring and three remastered Strikes, and brought back the fan favorite Ice Breaker exotic.

On Bungie’s weekly blog, the developer announced that the Live Team, responsible for updates like The Dawning and Festival of the Lost, is not done with Destiny yet. As it happens, Bungie gave a vague tease of what’s to come for the game, writing:

We know that a new year brings new questions…

“What’s the next stop on our journey?”

“When do we learn about the future?”

For starters, you haven’t heard the last from the Live Team at Bungie. They’re hard at work on another content update that will give you new reasons to fight.


Immediately, fans are likely to assume that an event could come as soon as next month, based on the fact that the Crimson Days event debuted last February as a Valentine’s Day themed live event. Another possibility based on history is an update that would arrive in the Spring. Last year, Bungie added the April Update to Destiny, which added the revamped Challenge of the Elders mode along with new gear to chase.

However, nothing is officially known about what this content update will be. Many fans are theorizing the idea of Year 1’s Vault of Glass and Crota’s End raids being refreshed for Year 3, but despite Bungie saying it has discussed it, there’s no evidence that will happen.


Bungie’s history with Destiny’s live events have been hit or miss, with this last year’s Festival of the Lost especially being a big disappointment for many with its heavy focus on microtransactions. Nevertheless, The Dawning appeared to redeem that for many fans, with that event drawing in some impressive stats as it gave fans many things to do without having to pay extra money.

In addition to a new content update, Bungie says it will also issue a new Hot Fix to Destiny next week and the game’s regular cycle of events will continue. Trials of Osiris continues every weekend and Iron Banner will return for the month of January next Tuesday, January 17. News about Destiny 2, or whatever the sequel may be called, has been nonexistent recently. It was last officially mentioned by Activision, saying the game was on track for release in 2017.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.