Destiny aims to offer a massive multiplayer universe where players take up the role of the Guardians to fight a smorgasbord of alien nasties. There is a heavy emphasis on friends and communities banding together to go on raids and improve their loots as they act as the last defence of the human race.

While it had already been confirmed as an included element of the game, very little has been said about the game’s competitive multiplayer features. Destiny developer Bungie is best known for creating the Halo series which earns much of its popularity thanks to its excellent console multiplayer, groundbreaking even, on the original Xbox. While adversarial multiplayer not be the main focus of Destiny, fans will rightfully have high expectations for the mode.

Game Informer, featuring Destiny on the cover of the latest magazine issue, sat down with Lars Bakken, the game’s Design Lead. In a video, he explains that players will be bring in their custom characters from the connected world into the competitive matches including all the weapons they have looted out on their adventures. Bungie recognizes that this could unbalance things, like if one player has an amazing shotgun and the others didn’t, so they are working on some “really cool ideas” in order to even out the experience.

Inevitably the comparisons to Halo’s multiplayer were brought up, perhaps painting the best picture of the mode yet. Bakken says that the matches are “faster” and “more lethal” than the game’s predecessor, explaining that the mode punishes players who make mistakes more severely. Although, the matchmaking still has links to Halo‘s multiplayer experience. He explained that the maps have been made with the same design sensibilities that they designed Halo‘s multiplayer landscapes with. The dynamism and layouts of the maps will give a breath of familiarity for Halo veterans but Bakken explains that this was designed as more of a “Bungie philosophy than a Halo philosophy.”

Destiny Multiplayer Details

The industry is seeing change of emphasis as multiplayer begins to overtake single player experiences. This is a big part of Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, The Division and The Crew, and even games like Need For Speed Rivals where the lines between online and single player experiences are rapidly blurring. Some players still are keen on buying games exclusively for matchmaking, so where exactly where does that leave those players when they pick Destiny? Bakken says that Bungie is working on some ideas that will “push players around” and incentivize them to explore the universe instead of staying in competitive multiplayer exclusively.

Bakken also explained how Destiny’s voice chat system works, saying that they want to make sure a player’s game isn’t ruined by people they don’t know. In order to cut that chance out,players can only talk to other players in their ‘fire squads’. He continued, revealing that there are ways to communicate with other players outside of your squad and you can invite them into your party – although the developer wasn’t ready to outline how just yet.

What do you think about Bungie’s multiplayer plans? Do you think it is smart to add competitive multiplayer to the cooperative multiplayer universe? What are your hopes for the mode? Are you happy you won’t have to listen to strangers? Let us know below.


Destiny releases September 9, 2014 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Game Informer