'Destiny' Comedy Webseries Gets a Teaser Trailer

It's a well-established law of video game culture: when a game reaches a certain level of popularity or influence in the industry's conversation, it begins to take on a life of its own. And while Destiny - Bungie's MMO/shooter/successor to Halo - may not have gained the same foothold in popular culture (yet), the parodies and tongue-in-cheek shots at its shortcomings have been coming since launch day. But not every parody has to be mean-spirited.

It's hard to know which side the newly-announced webseries from online filmmakers 'GoBroPros' will come down on, but the first teaser trailer implies the same attitude taken with the team's highly successful Skyrim webseries of 2012 remains intact (while showing how much the team has improved).

Those who missed out on the prior Skyrim series should know that the project wasn't meant to extend the game's fiction, or simply adapt it to live-action (like the typical gamer fan films). By lifting the mechanics and UI of the Elder Scrolls into everyday life, the three-part series managed to take shots by simply highlighting the odder elements of the game's reality, not mocking them. And that same approach could work wonders with Destiny.

In case any Skyrim fans missed their first game-focused parody series, take a look below:

There's little to go on in the teaser beyond some surprisingly polished effects work and a shot at Destiny's emphasis on grinding or repeated quests (one of the most valid criticisms for some), but those who've been playing the game regularly know that filmmakers have plenty of material to work with.

For instance, a new perspective on accepted oddities like Sparrow Surfing/Dancing, the envy and lust for exotic wepaons, the injection of extreme sports action, Glimmer farming, and the fact that there's surprisingly little story and mythology driving the game's events. To be clear: highlighting the ridiculousness or faulty logic of these features doesn't mean one can't be just as addicted as those who remain oblivious to them (it doesn't take a critic to recognize the absurdity of the now famous Loot Caves).

Destiny Live Action Webseries Comedy

The full series is currently without a release date, but we'll keep you posted as the episodes drop. Were you a fan of the team's previous Skyrim parodies? Are you Destiny players looking forward to seeing some of the game's eccentricities called out in live action? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

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Source: GoBroPros

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