Destiny's Combined Arms Playlist Has Been Updated


The featured Crucible playlist in Destiny this week is Combined Arms, a vehicle-centric PvP mode that has gotten some changes since the launch of Rise of Iron.

Surely many Destiny fans have forgotten all about the featured Crucible playlist with the discovery of the new exotic pulse rifle, Outbreak Prime. And even though there were not any official patch notes about it, the Combined Arms playlist has gotten an update and some tweaks.

The information comes from Andrew Weldon, Senior Multiplayer Designer at Bungie. According to him, Destiny's Combined Arms playlist now features "more total vehicles, stronger variation of the Interceptor [and] added a couple Heavy Pikes, damaged vehicles properly despawn...then some scoring tweaks for better game pacing and some other minor bug fixes."

During its Alpha, Beta, and at launch, Destiny heavily featured the Combined Arms playlist, which took place on large maps like Bastion and First Light. There was the presence of vehicles like the heavy Interceptor vehicle and lighter Pikes. But fans never really took to the playlist, and it was plagued with problems like vehicles being too strong. Even after patches, fans complained about vehicles being too weak and useless, making the mode no different than standard Clash or Control, just on a bigger map.

This week Combined Arms returns with new changes and comes back as the featured Crucible playlist of week. Overall fans seem to be enjoying the return of the improved classic mode:



Although, some newer fans think that Combined Arms is a new mode because it hasn't been seen in so long.


Combined Arms used to be a permanent playlist for the Crucible but was removed, with it only being found in rotation in the Crucible's 6v6 Classic playlist for quite some time.

The playlist is a pretty big shake up from the normal flow of PvP in Destiny, with a focus on longer sightlines, bigger spaces, vehicles and imbedded turrets. Combined Arms will be available until the next weekly reset on Tuesday, October 4th at 2 a.m. Pacific. See more of the other weekly activities available in Destiny this week here.

Another Crucible mode, Trials of Osiris is also set to return this Friday, but Bungie has said they will give an update on Trials and the next Iron Banner in its next weekly blog on Thursday.

Have you played the updated Combined Arms playlist in Destiny? Are you enjoying it? Let us know in the comments!

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Andrew Weldon

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