'Destiny': Bungie Talks House of Wolves Leak; Anything Can Change

Destiny House of Wolves Leak Discussed

A MMO can rise and fall based upon the quality of its additional content, and Destiny is no exception. The game has been a huge success since its release in September 2014, and the title was graced with its first DLC pack in December. The DLC, called The Dark Below, was fairly well received by the game's fans, although there were criticisms over the pack being thin on content. Indeed, there were several improvements we suggested that could be made for Destiny and its future DLC packs.

Developer Bungie certainly said the right things about possible improvements. Designer Luke Smith took to NeoGAF to explain about what mistakes Bungie had made, in particular regarding Destiny's economy, and what they would adapt for upcoming DLC pack House of Wolves. Unfortunately for Bungie, the developer has had some of the DLC pack's content revealed for them. Yesterday, a Destiny player took part in some creative file digging and proceeded to leak not only the DLC's May 19th release date, but dozens of images of new weapons and armor.

It's not the first time that House of Wolves has been leaked, either. Players had previously datamined information about the additional content, including some information about the DLC's story. Given the information that is now out there for players, Bungie has decided to speak out to Destiny's fans, and add a disclaimer about the leaked content. Bungie's Community Manager David Dague, better known as DeeJ, has jumped in at to give gamers a few things to keep in mind.

Destiny House of Wolves DLC

DeeJ took to the forums briefly after discussion broke out over the leaked content. Bungie is clearly happy for the game's fans to discuss the new information, even citing the "pretty armor" as a topic of conversation, but DeeJ gave the forum users a warning that content would no doubt change between what has been revealed and the final product. "These are not necessarily the wolves you're looking for," said DeeJ.

Indeed, DeeJ went into specifics about how the leaked content was no real benchmark for the DLC's real content. Since Bungie has yet to reveal anything other than the name of House of Wolves, the development team is still working on the content for the pack. In fact, DeeJ stated that the current items are "placeholders" to save room for future updates, and that anything could be overwritten when House of Wolves is ready to launch. Finally, DeeJ warned that any stats on show are "months old," and will not necessarily reflect the power and impact of the DLC's items.

Given the suggested release date of May 19th, DeeJ's warning seems accurate. There is a long way to go until the DLC pack is set to launch, so there will no doubt be changes from what curious players have been able to grab from the game's files so far. In fact, given Bungie's previous statements about making changes based on its perceived failures, player feedback to the leaked data may well help to shape the final version of House of Wolves. Let's see whether there are any drastic changes to the DLC when it launches.

Destiny is out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The recent leak suggests that DLC pack House of Wolves is set to release on May 19th.

Source: Bungie

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