A group of seriously dedicated Destiny players decide to take on the action-MMO’s Challenge of the Elders mode and go on to beat it in under 4 minutes.

While some Destiny fans may need help to beat the Challenge of Elders, the delightfully named Redditor Hacksaw_Jim_Duggan and his fireteam of would-be Guardians can hold their own without any additional assistance in the PvE contest. As a matter of fact, the group works so well together that they went on to absolutely demolish the recently added mode from the game’s April Update 2.2.0 by completing it with a speed run of exactly 3 minutes and 51 seconds.

By using a strategy of a Warlock enabling Angel of Light, making a Titan wear the Empyrean Bellicose Exotic Helmet, and essentially having a Hunter sit out of the entire playthrough and do nothing, Hacksaw_Jim_Duggan and his gang came out victorious with a speedy and deceptively simple run. To tell the truth, the group of Destiny die-hards practically blast through the mode’s bosses Val Aru’un, Seditious Mind, and the Taken Archon, Keksis, the Betrayed with what seems like no work at all.

As seen in the video below, Hacksaw_Jim_Duggan takes advantage of the modifier of damage dished out being more potent while players are in the air by jumping and taking shots with the Sleeper Stimulant Exotic Fusion Weapon, making sure to have each bullet hit its mark perfectly. When he runs out of ammo for the gun, however, a switch over to a sniper rifle is just as effective with him taking time to have each shot smack the bosses squarely in the forehead.

Naturally, many fans of Destiny will agree that Hacksaw_Jim_Duggan and his teammates definitely made quick work of the Prison of Elders challenge, and their effort will go down with plenty of other talented players who took on one of the game’s various modes for an impressive speed run. For instance, one of the most awe-inspiring of the bunch is the player who soloed the Crota’s End Raid with a speed run of 16 minutes.

Then, of course, there are those Destiny fans who decide to put self-imposed limitations on themselves, and they are of an entirely different breed. For instance, there are some players who are mighty enough to go solo against Oryx on Hard Mode in the King’s Fall raid, which takes skill, but can be done with enough practice.

In any event, with Destiny‘s developer Bungie recently reporting that the game now has 30 million subscribers, it’s safe to assume we will see even more speed runs and interesting challenges like these completed in the future. Whether or not they can be done as quickly as Hacksaw_Jim_Duggan and his crew, though, remains to be seen.

Destiny is out now and is available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Kasper Maigaard – YouTube (via Reddit)