Find out the unique modifiers for this week’s Challenge of the Elders in Destiny and how to finish an Elders’ Sigil scorecard for the week in just two runs.

This week marks the second full rotation of score modifiers that Destiny fans have experienced in the game’s Challenge of the EldersDestiny‘s newest endgame activity. Back in the saddle this week is Super Kill Bonus, which is much of the same, except for one boss that could especially pose a challenge.

The unique modifiers this week are:

  • Chaff – Player radar is disabled..
  • Specialist – Special Weapon damage is favored.
  • Super Kill Bonus – Super kills are worth more points.

Players will be able to use the bones of the same strategy to drive up the score for this week, except for one caveat. Unlike melee, grenade, or precision kills, your super will take time to charge so many enemies will need to be killed by other means. While charging your super, make sure to kill adds by melee damage, precision kills, or grenades as each kind of kill grants an extra bonus score.

Remember to keep an eye on the point reduction timer in the lower left side of the screen. It goes into effect when the boss is not being damaged, so that timer can start anytime during a round, not just near the end of it. However, don’t panic and burn down the boss as soon as the notification appears. Damage the boss enough for the ticker to stop, and then go back to killing minions.

Once all the waves are cleared, kill the boss and try to make the last hit on the boss be with a super, as it will also grant an extra bonus.


Challenge of the Elders Bosses

The first boss of the week is Seditious Mind. Players should be very familiar with this boss by now. It requires virtually no other strategy or mechanics besides the standard wave clearing and damage phases.

The second boss is Keksis, the Betrayed. This is the one boss that could cause some serious issues in relation to the Super Kill Bonus. Multiple times during the engagement, Keksis will deploy an orb of Corrupted Light, similar to those in the King’s Fall raid. It will begin draining the players’ abilities and if a member of the fireteam doesn’t stand in it to disable it, the orb will explode giving all players the Suppressed debuff, which takes away all abilities for a limited time. Letting this happen will restart the recharge on your Super, so keeping the debuff off will be key to getting a high enough score this round.

The last round this week is Val Aru’un, the Cabal Centurion who only takes damage once the Psion Flayer with the same color as his shield has been killed. If you are having trouble, check out our Destiny guide for week 2 for more information.

Destiny Stormcaller Warlock Pose

Tips for High Scores

To maximize your score, make sure the Intellect stat on your character is above 300, which will charge your Super at the highest rate possible. If you have it, equip the Bad Juju exotic pulse rifle, as kills with it will charge your Super faster. For builds, choose subclasses with roaming supers, which are Bladedancers, Sunbreakers, and Stormcallers.

Hunters should run Bladedancer with Encore, which will extend Arc Blade with each kill. Arc Blade kills also stack and count as melee kills adding to the score. Mask of the Third Man is a good exotic armor choice here, which causes Arc Blade to use less Super energy.

The best choice for Titans is Sunbreaker with Scorched Earth (which will create Sunspots with Hammer of Sol) and Fire Keeper (which will extend Hammer of Sol when standing in Sunspots).

Warlocks should go with Stormcaller and select the perks Rising Storm (use melee ability to charge Super faster), Superconductor, and Transcendence (which will drain Stormtrance slower when cast with full grenade and melee). Equip The Impossible Machines to get Landfall.

If you’re able to get 45,000+ points per run, the Elders’ Sigil will be complete in two runs. Once done, go see Variks for a weapon and armor drop.

Do you have a build or strategy for maximizing your score in Destiny‘s Challenge of the Elders this week? Let us know in the comments below!