Find out the unique modifiers for this week’s Challenge of the Elders in Destiny and how to finish an Elders’ Sigil scorecard for the week in just two runs.

This week of Destiny‘s Challenge of the Elders marks the beginning of the last set of score modifiers. Bungie created 16 unique weeks of combinations for Challenge of the Elders, mixing up modifiers and bosses. Every four weeks the score modifiers (Precision, Grenade, Melee, and Super kills) reset to begin another rotation. This being week 13, players are in the final group of four before the entire pattern resets itself.

This week is the most “grindable” week since the first week of Challenge of the Elders, first added in the Destiny April Update. The main modifiers are the same as that week, which can lead to fast clears and quick Light progression. Here are all the modifiers for this week:

  • Berserk – Minions of the Darkness won’t flinch, even after massive damage.
  • Small Arms – Primary Weapon damage is favored.
  • Precision Kill Bonus – Precision kills are worth more points.

Players will be able to use the same general strategy as usual. Precision Kill Bonus always makes Challenge of the Elders a little easier because players will be able to get precision kills with basically any weapon or subclass of their choice. Players will want to clear each wave of enemies using precision kills only and then damage the boss to spawn in a new wave. When the point deduction timer goes into effect, damage the boss enough to stop the timer. Finally, kill the boss with a precision kill for an extra bonus.

Destiny Challenge of Elders Vex Room

Challenge of the Elders Bosses

The first boss this week is the Wretched Knight. Avoid the exploding Taken orbs it spawns across the map. With Precision Kill Bonus and Small Arms active, it’s best to plant on the left side of the room (from the entrance) to do damage on boss and funnel in adds.

The second boss is Seditious Mind. An extremely straightfoward boss, clear the adds that spawn on either side of the room and then come back to the middle right in front of the boss to do damage on the taken Vex Hydra.

Lastly, is Keksis, the Betrayed. Keksis has a little more of a mechanic than the other two. When the Taken Archon spawns in an orb of Corrupted Light, stand in it to make it dissipate. However, if players unable to get to it in time and the Suppression debuff goes into effect, it does not matter as much as other weeks which rely on abilities for the Kill Bonus. Keksis is already a lower health boss, so with Small Arms in effect, Keksis should be extra “squishy.”

Tips for High Scores

This week is extremely easy, and focusing on precision kills can drive up the score significantly. Don’t be surprised if you end up with 50,000 points in a single go.

As for weapon recommendations, players should use anything they feel comfortable making head shots with, but scout rifles and hand cannons are especially effective. Couple that with a sniper in the Special slot, since shotguns and fusion rifles will not offer the ability for precision kills, and the team should be good to go.

Any subclass will work, but Hunters should choose Nightstalker for the numerous orbs a tether can generate (orbs add an additional bonus to the score). Titans should select Defender and deploy Ward of Dawn for the same orb-generating effect.

Players should have little issue completing this week’s Elders’ Sigil in two runs. Once complete, go see Variks for some new gear.

Do you have a build or strategy for maximizing your score in Destiny‘s Challenge of the Elders this week? Let us know in the comments below!