Find out the unique modifiers for this week’s Challenge of the Elders in Destiny and how to finish an Elders’ Sigil scorecard for the week in just two runs.

Destiny fans had a pretty easy combination of modifiers last week in Challenge of the Elders. They are in luck again, as two complimentary modifiers for week 14 should allow Destiny players to make quick work of completing an Elders’ Sigil this week. Here are all the modifiers for this week:

  • Catapult – Grenade recharge rate is greatly increased.
  • Grounded – Players take more damage while airborne.
  • Grenade Kill Bonus – Grenade kills are worth more points.

It all comes down to Catapult being active with Grenade Kill Bonus, as it will allow for extremely quicker recharge on all grenades. As per usual, players will be able to use the same general strategy to clear Challenge of the Elders. Players will want to clear each wave of enemies using grenade kills only (as much as possible) and then damage the boss to spawn in a new wave. When the point deduction timer goes into effect, damage the boss enough to stop the timer. Finally, kill the boss with a grenade kill for an extra bonus.

The extra caveat to this week is trying to stay on the ground as much as possible because Guardians will take extra damage when jumping or in the air.

challenge of the elders sylok

Challenge of the Elders Bosses

The first boss this week is Keksis, the Betrayed. The third boss last week, Keksis has one mechanic in particular to look out for, which could put a damper on those ever-flowing grenades players will be throwing this week. The Taken Archon spawns in an orb of Corrupted Light, and at least one player will need to stand in it to make it dissipate. If players are unable to get to it in time and the Suppression debuff goes into effect, it will uncharge all the players’ abilities including grenades.

The next boss is Sylok, the Defiled. Watch out for the flames the boss will spew across the room and avoid its blast. Again watch out for the flames, especially while jumping because they will burn down players’ health faster while they are airborne.

The last boss is the Overmind Minotaur. Stay out of its gaze, which, if players stay out in the open too long, will surround them in a containment field and force them to shoot their way out.

Tips for High Scores

To maximize score, pick a build that will have a high grenade output. It goes without saying that the Discipline stat should be maxed out if possible.

The absolute best build is the Voidwalker with Scatter Grenades, The Hunger, Embrace the Void, and the Nothing Manacles exotic gauntlets. Due to a buff in the April Update, and combined with Catapult, players will be able to essentially throw infinite grenades.


For Titans, run Sunbreaker with Simmering Flames, Thermite Grenades, and The Armementarium exotic chest piece for an extra grenade. Fill the Super meter and leave it full to get faster charging grenades.

Hunters can choose Bladedancer with Arcbolt Grenades and equip the ATS/8 Tarentella chest piece.

If done correctly, players should be able to hit the High Score in one run and the Cumulative Score in two. Players should be looking to hit 45,000+ on each run as a fireteam. Once done, go see Variks for that sweet new loot.

Do you have a build or strategy for maximizing your score in Destiny‘s Challenge of the Elders this week? Let us know in the comments below!