Fan Creates Destiny Card Game to Play With Son

Board games based on video games have become an increasingly common occurrence in the last few years, with games like Bloodborne getting official tabletop versions, though it isn't often that you see fan-made homages to games recreated in a physical format. However, a Reddit user by the name Scylla999 took the time to create an elaborate Destiny themed board game to play with his son - and the end product is impressive.

Scylla999 didn't give a name to his Destiny tabletop game, though it does come with a fairly elaborate set of rules and its very own game board. The game sees two players facing off against one another as they attempt to clear strikes themed around classic Destiny bosses and enemies. The first player to clear two strikes wins, and the game even allows players to earn legendary and exotic loot to use throughout the strikes. Those weapons have special modifiers to them that allow players to do things like re-roll a miss or guarantee a hit against an enemy.

Enemies also have certain modifiers and weaknesses that players can exploit for extra hits. Of course, if Guardians themselves are hit three times, they lose. Players in danger of losing can retreat back to the tower to heal, spend Strange Coins earned during the strikes, or draw from Crucible/Patrol decks that have a chance of landing special loot for the Strikes. Players can only do this so often though, which keeps things balanced. The board itself also looks nice, far better than the medieval boardgame discovered a few months ago.

It's obvious that Scylla999 put a lot of care into designing this game, and it's pretty heartwarming that he put so much time into something to do with his son. It would be interesting to see Bungie create an official Destiny tabletop game, though it would probably wind up being similar to this.

At the very least, it would be cool to see a nod to it in a future patch for Destiny 2, or maybe during the Season of Opulence. Hopefully, Scylla999 cooks up a few more tabletop games for other titles out there, as it's clear they have the skills to do so in an entertaining way.

Source: Reddit

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