Destiny Challenge Mode Raid Includes Missing Calcified Fragments

By | 12 months ago 

After a month of speculation and presumptions regarding the special “twist” in Destiny’s King’s Fall raid, Bungie finally put the issue to rest, confirming that Challenge Modes are coming. According to Destiny: The Taken King director Luke Smith, these Challenge Modes will add new twists to the three major boss fights in the raid, and will require fireteams take down the targets in unique ways.

However, in the time since Smith’s announcement, Bungie has been relatively quiet with regards to additional details. They acknowledged that the Destiny Challenge Modes are real, but would not say when players might see them added or what rewards they might offer.

That being said, Luke Smith did confirm one widely held assumption about the Challenge Modes: that the three boss fights hold the remaining Calcified Fragments. So far Destiny players have collected 47 of the Ghost remnants, but those last three remained elusive.

While most will seek out the three remaining Calcified Fragments simply to complete their Grimoire Score and read the last pages of the Book of Sorrows, there is hope that a 50-Calcified Fragment total will hold additional rewards. 45 fragments, for example, unlocked the Touch of Malice, a Destiny exotic that has proven extremely useful in the King’s Fall Hard Mode raid.

An obvious candidate for the 50 Calcified Fragment reward is a 320 artifact, as no such item exists in Destiny at the moment. With the artifact, players would then have a clear path to light level 320, provided they can get the appropriate drops from Hard Mode.

Then again, others might be looking for something a little flashier for their efforts, like another exotic raid weapon or armor piece. We do know that each Challenge Mode boss offers additional rewards, not just a unique emblem, so perhaps Bungie has all fronts covered. Could be that defeating each boss in Challenge Mode offers a Calcified Fragment, an emblem, and a random drop from a unique loot table.

For now, though, Destiny players are left speculating and grinding through the Hard Mode raid. Some have made quick work of Oryx with the Heroic modifier active and the new mechanics in play, while others are still finding the challenge too difficult. But keep at it, because upping your light level is likely the only way to survive when Challenge Mode launches.

What do you think the reward for 50 Calcified Fragments will be?

Destiny: The Taken King is out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Luke Smith