One Destiny player finds an interesting surprise waiting on a Crucible map while playing Trials of Osiris caused by some sort of glitch that hasn’t been seen before.

For Destiny fans, every Friday marks the beginning of the recurring weekend PvP event Trials of Osiris. It’s an intense and competitive elimination playlist that rewards those who can win nine games without a loss to get some of Destiny‘s greatest rewards.

Trials of Osiris often draws a lot of attention whether it be controversies over subclass balance, which weapons are at the top of the competitive scene, or map design and general strategies. But this time it has gotten a little attention for a more lighthearted, humorous reason. One Destiny player, ItzBrittanyBitxh, noticed something quite odd during one round of Trials of Osiris this weekend. Here’s the video:

The map is The Burning Shrine, the first map that Trials of Osiris debuted on back in the House of Wolves expansion. The rotating circular walls are meant to be semi-circles allowing players to pass through the rotating blockade, seek shelter behind them, or snipe through the gaps across the map.

But clearly something went wrong with the game here with a glitch causing the wall to go from a semi-circle half wall to a full wall. There’s no telling exactly what happened, but some players might complain that it (and other glitches) are caused by Bungie making changes to the game on the server side. Some fans have a general mistrust of Bungie after the developer implemented skill-based matchmaking without telling anyone at the end of last year.

Trials of Osiris Mercury

Many insist that skill-based matchmaking is still in full force, despite denying it. But often lag and glitches can quickly turn the Destiny community’s ire toward the developer of the game they enjoy so much.

On the other hand, it is just as possible that this is just a rare glitch that occurred in the game. After all, there is a lot of code and metaphorical moving parts that keep huge online AAA games like Destiny working. It would not take much for something small to cause a glitch in the game.

There’s no telling whether Bungie will look into this glitch. It definitely is not as game breaking or serious as past glitches like the recent heavy ammo exploit. Plus, the developer appears to be busy at work preparing to this week’s reveal of the next Destiny expansion, all but confirmed to be called Rise of Iron.

Source: ItzBrittanyBitxh via Twitter