Could MMOFPS 'Destiny' Be Bungie's Next Franchise?

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One of Halo's defining trademarks is its revolutionary multiplayer gameplay - but in the modern gaming world multiplayer is old news. Everybody and his mother is multiplayer gaming these days - it's just not enough for fan-favorite developer, Bungie.

Rumors are circulating that the developers next revolutionary project will be a massively multiplayer online first person shooter named Destiny, currently codenamed "Tiger."

Kotaku has the report, from an anonymous source, after Bungie allegedly laid off an estimated 30 non-salaried employees with little notice (Bungie confirmed this is untrue - read their response here). But every cloud has its silver lining - and at least eager gamers are getting to hear about Bungie's latest project.

Destiny is allegedly an MMOFPS (the acronym alone could make your heart race) - and has already been likened to World of Warcraft in space. A persistent online world in which players (probably in factions) get to go around killing aliens, other people, or something else entirely (maybe robots?). Faction-based warfare across an online world could be a dream experience for many gamers - and Bungie could once again set a new standard for competitive multiplayer gaming.

Bungie is supposedly creating a whole new game engine to support the hundreds of thousands of players as well as the persistent sandbox they'll be playing in. The idea for a Bungie MMO was teased last year when the developer's creative director, Joseph Staten, wondered, "Wouldn't it be great if we could make a world that was always there for you?" Our answer: Yes, Mr. Staten, it would obliterate what little lives we pretend to have left.

Regardless of what the project turns out to be, Bungie has signed a ten-year contract with Activision-Blizzard for the new game - which will be available across multiple platforms.

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Halo: Reach was a somewhat bittersweet experience as Halo fans were forced to wave a tearful goodbye to one of the most beloved game series of all time. However, in waving goodbye one must also look to the future, and Bungie's future is looking pretty cool.

Game Rant will keep our ears to the ground for more information, in the mean time, what would you like out of a massively multiplayer FPS experience? Comment below and share with friends!

Source: Kotaku

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