Destiny Fans Get Engaged in the Game With Bungie's Help


Video game studio Bungie helps a couple of Guardians and game developers become engaged to one another in the popular science fiction shooter Destiny.

While plenty of Destiny fans are still doing their best to get all of the raid loot in the Rise of Iron expansion's Wrath of the Machine, two Guardians recently used the popular action-RPG in a much different way by getting engaged in the title. Interestingly enough, the two are a pair of game developers, and the staff at Bungie actually helped facilitate the proposal.

The Guardian couple are Rami Ismail of the Dutch independent game development studio known as Vlambeer and Adriel Wallick, who formerly worked at Fire Hose Games and assisted in putting together the Indie Megabooth. Wallick proposed to Ismail in Destiny using several pieces of custom content created by Bungie, including a special emote that allowed her character to kneel in proposal, an Artifact called Ring of Eternity, and a heartfelt letter at the Postmaster that suggested they tie the knot.

While encountering each of the specially made pieces of Destiny content, Ismail tweeted each out, eventually confirming that he did say yes. Wallick then thanked Bungie for its help, and made specific mention of marketing producer Poria Torkan, who "somehow managed to convince an entire team at Bungie to dedicate time and effort to such a dorky proposal." Fans can get a look at how it went down in the gallery below.





Bizarrely enough, today's DDoS attacks which have affected a major portion of the Internet and its users could have thwarted Wallick's Destiny proposal altogether, even though she had "carefully planned" it. Thankfully, though, the whole engagement for the two developers went off without a hitch, and the wedding will take place some time in the future.

Of course, this isn't the first time that a video game has been used as the medium for an engagement. Just recently, in fact, a fan used Super Mario Maker to create a special marriage proposal for his girlfriend by utilizing the title's level customization feature. Even earlier than that, video game developer BioWare helped a couple get engaged by putting together a Mass Effect level for the proposal.

Beyond matrimony and video games, Destiny fans — Ismail and Wallick included — have even more to look forward to in the science fiction shooter with the Festival of the Lost event coming up soon. Bearing this in mind, perhaps the happy couple will be able to find the time in between planning for the wedding to collect all of the limited edition masks, emotes, and shaders together.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: MsMinotaur — Twitter, tha_rami — Twitter (via GameSpot)

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