Game developer Bungie proclaims it is currently attempting to build the content for its popular sci-fi shooter Destiny at a much faster rate than before.

It’s no secret that Destiny is one of the most popular video games to ever be released in the history of the medium. As a matter of fact, the action-RPG’s reach is so extensive that even the Cleveland Cavaliers’ MVP and basketball legend LeBron James admitted to playing the game during the NBA Playoffs. However, considering how Bungie has promoted the release as a massively multiplayer online game since its inception, a lot of fans have been turned off at the relatively slow pace that the studio has kept when it comes to keeping the game up to date with new and fresh content.

Interestingly enough, Destiny‘s developers are well aware of the fact that the game’s community of would-be Guardians have been constantly left in the lurch wanting more materials. As a matter of fact, the creative director for the title’s upcoming Rise of Iron expansion, Chris Barrett, recently spoke to the gaming outlet Eurogamer on the matter, stating that he and Bungie’s team of developers are currently in the process of trying to build Destiny‘s content at a much faster rate.

Not only are the game’s developers attempting to release playable assets more speedily, but Bungie is also doing its best to produce more and even better gameplay than it has in the past. Regarding the company’s current opinion on its own powers and the issue of providing players with a faster turnaround on quality content, Barrett said:

“We’re trying to get better at what we do, build tools to make content quicker and focus on what the best and most impactful experiences are for players. We’re also learning as we go. I think we’re getting better at building Destiny, releasing content quicker.

“We’re going to give players as much as we can. Ultimately we’ll see how the community reacts. We had a big playtest at the studio last week and the feedback was very positive, everybody liked the new content. Our teams are very passionate – they had a lot of suggestions too.”


Since Destiny first became available in September of 2014, the game has only received three major post-launch content releases in the form of two small expansions and, of course, last year’s rather large campaign for The Taken King. Naturally, though, a lot of players were able to burn through all of that content quickly, which left them hungry for more.

Recent months have given Destiny players updates like the Festival of the Lost event for Halloween, a limited time run on a Sparrow Racing League, and a 100 percent infusion rate that allowed fans to upgrade their gear. Nevertheless, Guardians require gameplay with permanent substance to keep them coming back, and that’s just what developers are hoping Rise of Iron will provide for the title’s legions of fans.

Taking all of this into consideration, with the raid details for Destiny‘s forthcoming expansion promising challenging gameplay, and with the developers at Bungie eschewing the creation of any ancillary materials by having no Collector’s Edition for the add-on, it seems as if the studio is definitely focused on giving players what they want most out of the title, which is a high caliber, content rich experience. While it remains to be seen if Destiny‘s creators are to deliver the goods on the latest DLC’s potential, fans can at least look forward to the return of the Gjallarhorn.

Destiny is out now, with its Rise of Iron expansion set to release on September 20, 2016, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Eurogamer (via VG 24/7)