In the conclusion of Game Rant’s synopsis of Destiny‘s massive collection of lore, the Books of Sorrow, Oryx and the Hive battle against the Vex and continue to hunt the Traveler.

At the end of Part 2 of our look at Destiny‘s Books of Sorrow, Crota had just opened a portal in space and time, allowing the Vex into Oryx’s Throne World.

Here is the conclusion to Destiny‘s Books of Sorrow:

The War Against the Vex

Allowed into the Ascendant Realms by Crota, the Vex invade Oryx’s Throne World and the Hive’s netherrealm. The Vex, as machines who run simulations to find the best solution for every problem, are not able to figure out the Hive’s sword logic and so are not able to put up any fight. But then the Vex create a Vex Mind called “Quria, Blade Transform” who is able to deduce how the Hive’s world works.

Quria sees that it must kill everything it can, so it calls warrior Vex through the portal that Crota created. Crota tries to kill the invading force, but they blink away from him and flee. The Vex then kill 2,000 Hive Acolytes and 10,000 Thrall. Since the Hive’s realm is based on killing and gaining power from slaying others, the Vex establish themselves in the Ascendant Realm as a powerful force.

Destiny - The Vex

Crota’s twin sisters, the Deathsingers Ir Halak and Ir Anûk, create an annihilator totem (seen by players during the Bridge Encounter in the Crota’s End raid), and use the totem to smash the Vex. The Vex Mind Quria is able to lock open the gate that Crota opened, so that it cannot be closed. The Vex are weaker in the Ascendant Realm and the Hive are weaker in the Vex’s realm, so the two forces fight for one hundred years going between each other’s dimensions.

Quria wants to find a way to access Oryx’s throne so it can become a divine force among the Vex. Quria also captures some of the Hive’s worm larvae and begins to experiment with them. From this Quira introduces the religious aspects from the Hive into the Vex race, which can be seen by players in the group of Vex in the Black Garden worshipping the Black Heart.

It is revealed that Savathûn was responsible for the current invasion of the race, as she was the one that tricked Crota into opening the gate that would allow the Vex in. But soon, Oryx, who was away, returns home and casts the Vex into different dimensions, and destroys all the Vex in his Throne World. To punish Crota, Oryx throws him into the Vex gate network.

Trapped within the Vex’s time traveling network, Crota battles through time, killing and becoming a legendary and feared demon prince of the Hive. During this time it is said that Crota begins to understand Oryx and so he creates temples and monuments to his father wherever in time he goes.


Oryx recognizes the Vex as a worthy opponent, as he cannot discover how to completely destroy them. He sees that the Vex will run an infinite number of simulations until they discover the winning strategy for every outcome, so he decides he has to do something they could not predict or test. While Oryx attempts to solve the problem of the Vex, Savathûn tells her sister Xivu Arath that Oryx’s Court and Throne World are vulnerable and open for attack. Just as they did in the past, the siblings are continuing to look for ways to kill each other in their quest for power and their sense of love for one another, which leads them to the desire to kill one another to make each other stronger.

But Oryx surprises both his siblings and the Vex by coming up with his solution to the Vex problem—he decides to move his Ascendant realm, his Throne World, and his Court aboard a gigantic spacecraft, a Dreadnaught. This allows him to move his Throne World at will, keeping it safe. He constructs his Dreadnaught using one piece of the Ahamkara Akka who he cut up in pieces and covers his massive ship in armor.

Destiny Dreadnaught Concept Art

He is able to keep his Throne World safe from incursion because it is moveable. Oryx also shows off the weapon players see him use against the Queen and her Awoken fleet in the opening cinematic of The Taken King. To wipe out an army of Vex, Oryx places his sword into the hull of the Dreadnaught and releases just a bit of his Throne World into the material world, which then swells and explodes, wiping out the invasion force of the Vex.

Quria and the Vex forces move against Oryx in battle but they cannot figure him out. They are unable to defeat him as Oryx moves through their ranks, destroying them. Finally, Quria discovers the intelligence of Taox from the Ecumene that Oryx destroyed, and just before Oryx defeats Quria, the Vex Mind sends out that information from Taox (which gave the Ecumene the upper hand in their battle with the Hive) to the entire Vex network in hopes that a solution will eventually be found. Quria is not dead however; Oryx leaves Quria with some life left and gives it Savathûn, the cunning one, to study it.

Destiny Traveler

The Hunt for the Traveler

Afterwards, Oryx and the Hive continue to hunt down The Traveler. They discover the Traveler visited another solar system called Harmony. When the Traveler left Harmony, it left in its wake an object called the Gift Mast, said to be giant monument that floats above the star system which “sings in radiance.” It’s unknown exactly what the Gift Mast is, but it is clearly an object filled with the Light of the Traveler, and Oryx becomes obsessed with wanting to destroy it.

Oryx and his siblings move stealthily into the Harmony star system, and strategically strike. The beings of Harmony are defeated and Oryx claims the Gift Mast. Oryx devours two-fifths of the Gift Mast and then gives the rest to his siblings and the Hive to eat as well. After they claim the Gift Mast, Savathûn and Xivu Arath both depart from Oryx and each other saying that they must grow differently and on their own, away from Oryx’s great presence and power. They travel to realms far away.

Oryx, Servant of the Darkness

Oryx continues to send out his  Hive and Taken to kill, and Crota is a fierce killing machine who continues to pay tribute to his father and feed Oryx’s worm. Oryx spends time with the Darkness (called the Deep throughout the Books of Sorrow) and says that the reason he fights to destroy the Traveler is because the Traveler tries to create and build up life. Oryx says the Traveler is a lie, building a false world of laws of conduct and freedom. Oryx believes that the truth of the universe is that the most powerful will live and all others will die, and to believe otherwise (as the Traveler does) is false. Oryx says that Darkness has the same ideal, to free the universe from the “games” of the Traveler:

The Deep doesn’t want everything to be the same: it wants life, strong life, life that lives free without the need for a habitat of games to insulate it from reality.

Oryx then gives the key to defeating him:

If my echoes are killed, and I am killed in the material world, then I will be driven back to my throne the Dreadnaught. If my Court and my throne can be beaten, if I am confronted in my throne, if I am defeated there, then I will die. My work will end.

These are exactly the events of the Guardians in The Taken King. Throughout the story missions, Guardians kill Oryx’s echoes and the player finally confront Oryx on the Dreadnaught in the physical realm in the mission ‘Regicide’. Oryx then flees to his Throne World, which Guardians access in the King’s Fall raid, through the Court of Oryx (the raid’s first step) and confront and kill Oryx within his Throne Room/World which he melded with the Dreadnaught.

Destiny: The Taken King Live Action Trailer Takes the Fight to Oryx - Guardians and Oryx

So Oryx’s defeat at the end of the raid is final. Even though he has died many times at the hands of his sisters and in the past to the Ecumene, the death he experiences in the King’s Fall is his last. Oryx’s final words in the Books of Sorrow are this: “If I fail, let me be wormfood.” And that is exactly what Guardians have made him.

What was your favorite part of Destiny‘s lore found within the Books of Sorrow?