Blades of Crota Disappear After ‘Destiny’ Patch

By | 2 years ago 

Yesterday, Bungie released patch 1.1.2 for Destiny, which welcomed a mass of bug fixes and tweaks such as more storage in the vault, exotic gear locks, and the ability for Guardians to wear their helmet in public spaces. The patch also laid some groundwork for next month’s House of Wolves expansion, however not without one noticeable caveat.

Destiny gamers may have noticed something has been missing since the update, if they spent some time in Patrol in the Cosmodrome or the Moon. The Blades of Crota mini public events seem to have disappeared.

For those unaware, The Blades of Crota is a smaller public event that cycles while patrolling either the Earth or the Moon. Acolytes from the Hive, an alien race that derives from the depths of the Moon, start a ritual that spawns a sword-wielding Hive Knight as well as additional Acolytes and Thrall for gamers to dispatch at their will.

The benefit to this occurrence is the additional XP, and the fact that the Blades of Crota are specific to a couple of bounties from Eris Morn in the tower; one focusing on defeating three Blades of Crota knights, the other on killing Hive enemies with the Knight’s sword after defeating it.

The bounties aren’t completely worthless, as Guardians can still encounter Blades of Crota by launching the first story mission in The Dark Below, Fist of Crota. Unfortunately this requires The Dark Below DLC, so those bounties will be broken for gamers still playing vanilla Destiny.

Destiny Blade of Crota Earth

Despite mentioning a timeline of events leading up to House of Wolves, Bungie hasn’t mentioned the removal of the Blades of Crota or Dark Below content. It’s unclear if this was a result of a bug in the patch, or an intentional move in preparation for House of Wolves.

The missing content seems too specific to be a bug, especially since the Blades of Crota were tied to The Dark Below. It makes more sense that Destiny is making a shift towards the upcoming expansion, and will be rolling out fresh public events to reflect the next wave of story missions.

Guardians have gotten used to the Blades of Crota invading the Earth and Moon as a welcomed change of pace when patrolling those areas. Hopefully players will see something similar with The House of Wolves, perhaps on different planets to keep the content fresh. If anything, it will help speed up the process when tackling the bounty for killing ten Fallen Majors or Ultras.

What are your hopes for the Destiny House of Wolves DLC? What changes would you like to see in future patches or expansions?

Source: VG247