“The biggest beta for this generation of consoles”, “the biggest beta ever for a new IP” and “played by 4,638,937 players” are all quotes attributed to the success of the Destiny beta. With certified star power from developer Bungie and a lofty concept in its always connected sci-fi world, it’s no wonder that the game has been doing so well.

In fact, there’s been so much awe, wonder and general good feelings surrounding the first person shooter that Activision said that it could be the best-selling IP of all time. They’ve been proved right thus far too with Destiny’s pre-order packages being snapped up so fast that some retailers have sold out completely.

Things are mostly going well for the game then, but beta participants who were concerned the environments in the Destiny beta should know that there will be no “major changes” to the game. The information that Destiny will stand its ground comes from Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg who described the beta as a success “both creatively and technologically” and therefore the team believes there is no reason to throw out any features or hastily tack on some new ones before next month’s launch date.

He also explained what minor changes we can expect instead:

“But I would describe this as tweaks and not major changes, as we saw the fundamentals of the game to be very strong. And the good news is because we got 4.6 million players into the beta we were able to test the back-end in scale and it performed really well and stably. We think we’re ready for a great launch with a great partner in Bungie.”

Destiny Beta July

“Minor tweaks” isn’t what everyone’s going to want to hear but in the long term this could arguably be more important than shiny, new add-ons. Destiny would be as useful as a chocolate teapot if its foundations weren’t rock solid because millions of people are going to be stress-testing the game and its servers come September 9th.

In fact, there’s no guarantee that Destiny won’t suffer from a little bit of lag and a few bugs here and there when we finally get to play it. Just ask The Elder Scrolls Online.

Tweaks now will make for better play later though, which is why Hirshberg is able to say phrases like “ready for a great launch” with all of the confidence of a man looking forward to the launch of an already record-breaking new IP. So yes, some people will be wary of features and levels the Destiny beta didn’t show the,  but come next month, if Hirshberg is right, we can expect those doubts to be silenced.

Destiny releases September 9, 2014 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: DualShockers