How to Unlock Destiny's Best Weapon

Destiny Vex Mythoclast

Earlier this week, Bungie finally released an update that improves Destiny's loot system. Now, instead of Legendary Engrams decrypting into Rare (Blue) items, the game guarantees players no less than a Legendary item. It's a change that should have been in the game since the beginning, but now that it's here, the Destiny experience has improved.

However, now that Legendary weapons have become more prevalent gamers are turning their attention towards Exotics. Exotics may not be important for the early goings-on, or even most of the Strike missions, but when it comes to finding success in the Vault of Glass Raid or in the Crucible, Exotics give players a significant edge.

So which Exotics are the best? Well, it ultimately depends on a player's preference, but there exists one Exotic gun that many argue trounces the competition. This gun is so powerful that Crucible players are capable of taking down swarms of opponents without so much as a scratch. It's called the Vex Mythoclast.

Although the Vex Mythoclast is billed as a Fusion Rifle, it actually fits in the Primary Weapon slot. Moreover, the weapon's fire rate and aiming reticle align more closely with that of a Scout Rifle, delivering devastating elemental damage at long range.

Some have even gone so far as to call the Vex Mythoclast over-powered; to the point they hope Bungie patches the weapon in a future update. For some idea why many consider it OP, check out the video below:


Of course, now that you've seen the Vex Mythoclast you want to know how to get it. Well, let us just say that the weapon doesn't come easy. The only known way to unlock the weapon (at this time) is by beating the Vault of Glass Raid on the Hard difficulty. Easy enough? Maybe.

For some, getting through the Vault of Glass is a cinch, even on hard, but for others surviving the Raid is a tall order. That's partly because the experience is so much more challenging than anything else in the game, and partly because the Raid requires a 6-player fireteam with no matchmaking.

However, those who do happen to make it through the Raid on hard will have greater odds of netting arguably the best weapon in Destiny. Having been up against the weapon in the Crucible and having a teammate use it in Strikes, I can confirm that the Vex Mythoclast is something else, and while it remains unpatched going for it seems well worth the effort.

Any Ranters out there want to share their experience with the Vex Mythoclast? Does the weapon seem too overpowered?

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