Destiny: These are the Top Guns in Trials of Osiris

destiny top trials of osiris guns

One Destiny fan compiles a list of the most used weapons (in each category) by the top Trials of Osiris players. Find out if your PvP favorites are as widely used by others.

After nearly a year of competition it’s safe to say that Destiny’s Trials of Osiris is its most popular PvP mode. While some have fallen off the bandwagon due to lack of content or lack of interest, plenty return on the weekends to face the ultimate Crucible challenge and make their way to The Lighthouse.

However, attempting a Lighthouse run and actually making it to The Lighthouse in Destiny are not one in the same. Players will need to be well equipped if they are to get those 9 wins.

To that point, one Destiny fan has put together a list of the top 5 guns used in Trials of Osiris. But these aren’t the top 5 guns (in each category) used across the board; these are the top 5 guns used by the top 100 Trials of Osiris players. So, for those who want to emulate the best, this might be a good place to start.

  • 1) Doctrine of Passing (Auto-rifle)
  • 2) Hawksaw (Pulse-rifle)
  • 3) The Last Word (Hand-cannon)
  • 4) Suros PDX-45 (Pulse-rifle)
  • 5) Eyasluna (Hand-cannon)

Regular Crucible players shouldn’t be too surprised by the Trials of Osiris choices, as most of these guns have been at the top of Destiny’s PvP “meta” for a while. Doctrine has been a beast since its debut with the first Trials of Osiris event of Year 2. Hawksaw and Suros PDX-45 became go-to choices when Pulse Rifles were buffed significantly. And The Last Word and Eyasluna are reliable Hand Cannon options, even as Bungie tries to find their place in the meta.

For special weapons, the 1,000-Yard Stare has been the go-to sniper rifle since the launch of The Taken King and not much has changed. The Y-09 Longbow Synthesis has slowly come back into popularity with the April Update, but getting one is wholly dependent on luck with a Crucible package. Players can get a great 1K Yard Stare roll simply by playing Taken King story missions.

The same is true of the Conspiracy Theory D shotgun, which is another mission reward in Destiny: The Taken King. However, most players have at least one Party Crasher by now, and even with a decent roll the shotgun gets the job done.

  • 1) 1000-yard stare (Sniper rifle)
  • 2) Party Crasher +1 (Shotgun)
  • 3) Longbow Synthesis (Sniper rifle)
  • 4) Conspiracy Theory D (Shotgun)
  • 5) Stillpiercer

On the heavy weapon side, the Quillim’s Terminus heavy machine gun and The Truth rocket launcher have been popular choices for quite a while now. With the decrease in heavy ammo across all Crucible modes, these choices have become a bit more varied, but again most flock to the easily accessible weapons.

  • 1) Qullim's Terminus (Machine gun)
  • 2) The Truth
  • 3) Tormod's Bellows (Rocket launcher)
  • 4) Tamarind (Rocket laucher)
  • 5) (Draw) The Vertigo / Ruin Wake

Curious Destiny fans can look at the full Trials of Osiris rundown here, but some of the other info is a little more varied. Class loadouts, exotic armor choices, and even subclasses differ greatly, and it’s hard to know which choices each of these players prefer. Based on our own experience, though, these top 5 weapons check out – as you will regularly see them in almost every Crucible mode.

That isn’t to say that these are the only viable weapons for Trials of Osiris or PvP in general, just that they are the most popular with the most successful players. And so those who want to be the best might find it valuable to know what the best are using.

Which weapons do you use in Trials of Osiris? Are there any weapons missing from the list?

Source: Reddit

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