As most Destiny players have already noticed, the Tuesday reset was a little more action-packed than it normally is. With the launch of the Sparrow Racing League and the release of the December update, Destiny has improved its quality of life by balancing weapons in PvP and offering players a fun distraction with a chance at earning 320 gear.

But truthfully, this week’s major event for most Destiny players is the release of the Golgoroth challenge for King’s Fall. After the surprise release of the Warpriest challenge last week, many were looking forward to this upcoming showdown with Golgoroth, and hoping that the encounter might force them to rethink their strategies. It is a challenge after all.

While we’ve already detailed the key components to beating the Golgoroth challenge – i.e. swapping gaze between all six players within a phase – that isn’t necessarily the most effective strategy. In fact, most teams have already settled on a much easier Golgoroth challenge strategy that leaves less room for error and is far less chaotic.

Golgoroth’s One Orb Strategy

Although Bungie had previously said that players could not use the one orb strategy for this Golgoroth challenge, that apparently is not true. The one orb strategy is still viable, but it requires some slight variations.

Essentially, what fireteams need to do is preform the one orb strategy as they normally would – e.g. grab gaze, jump into the pool of reclaimed light, damage Golgoroth, and jump out – but then have a new player grab gaze before the first timer runs out. After that, each team member will need to grab gaze until all six have had it at least once during that “cycle.” Once completed, clear the next wave of enemies and repeat that same process.

Destiny Golgoroth Challenge

Outside of that, there isn’t much to the strategy. Players can die during the fight and nothing seems to be thrown out of whack, provided that no one takes the gaze more than once. If done correctly and if the fireteam’s collective level is high enough, Golgoroth should fall within about 4 orbs.

That being said, it is possible to speed up the process by using two orbs per damage phase, but that’s up to the fireteam. Better-organized raid groups who have solid communication are likely to try and push the damage, but that does add risk. Dealing with the Cursed Thralls that spawn in the pit can become hectic, and making sure the gaze is never lost requires a lot of focus. Like we mention, for battle-tested raid groups it will be no problem, but LFG or pick up groups are likely to face some adversity.

Some important tips to note for Golgoroth:

  • While holding gaze make sure to keep a clear line of sight to more easily shoot the venom orbs.
  • If doing hard mode, still keep an eye out for the Unstable Light debuff. It will wipe out your fireteam.
  • Nightstalkers can use Shadestep to disrupt the venom orb’s tracking.
  • Helm of Saint-14 helps keep the Cursed Thralls from exploding.
  • Sunbreakers, Stormcallers, or a Nightstalker tether on the floor can help manage Taken enemies during the final third of the fight.

After felling Golgoroth, the challenge chest will drop its associated rewards (hard mode or normal), and players will earn that second to last Calcified fragment. There’s also a new emblem, but everyone is going to be wearing that this week. Less exciting.

How did your fireteam beat the Golgoroth challenge? Which strategy do you find the easiest?

Destiny: The Taken King is out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.