'Destiny' Player Beats Crota Solo With Only One Sword

Destiny Patch Before Crota End Hard Mode


Another day, another impressive Crota’s End raid feat. As soon as one player completes a major accomplishment in Destiny, it seems like there’s another gamer working on an even greater one. Within the last few days, we’ve seen players speedrun Crota’s End solo in just over 16 minutes, solo Crota’s End without using guns, and solo Crota’s End on hard.

And just when it seems like there's no further ways to one-up the last guy in Crota’s End, one Destiny player has done just that. The gamer, who goes by thesimplyproject on Reddit, was successful in defeating Crota solo with only one sword.

For those who don’t know, at the end of Crota’s End in Destiny, players have to take down the final boss, Crota, by shooting him until he kneels down, then slashing him with a sword. Normally, players are only able to get in a couple quick strikes with the sword before the weapon disappears, at which point the player needs to high-tail it away or risk dying.

Killing Crota with a single sword is hard enough when there’s an entire team supporting you. That thesimplyproject was able to do it solo is almost inconceivable - yet the video above shows that it is, in fact, possible. And not only is it possible as a Hunter class, like the above video shows, but it’s also possible with Titan and Warlock - thesimplyproject even has the videos to prove it.

Defeating Crota with Single Sword - Titan


Defeating Crota with Single Sword - Warlock


At this point, it’s safe to say that Crota is not the challenge he once was. When players move from simply killing a boss to finding the most ridiculous and far-fetched ways to defeat him, it’s about time for another, harder boss. Unfortunately, Destiny’s next expansion, House of Wolves, is at least a few weeks away - and more likely a couple of months.

Players are left with Crota and Atheon to tackle, and since players can solo Crota’s End but not the Vault of Glass, it seems as if the Dark Below raid is getting a lot more attention. That’s not to say there aren’t unique feats to accomplish in Vault of Glass, as the fireteam that drove a sparrow all the way through the raid can attest. However, there’s something special about completing a great deed as an individual, with only yourself to cheer (or blame) for the outcome.

As players patiently wait for House of Wolves, Guardians will continue to watch for the next impressive Destiny achievement. It likely won’t be long before players set a new speedrun record or compete for the lowest Crota’s End raid kill count. And once that happens, someone else will think of another, more impressive feat.

What do you think about thesimplyproject’s achievement? What other feats would you like to see players accomplish in Destiny? Share your ideas in the comments below.

Source: Reddit

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