16 Million 'Destiny' Players Average 3 Hours Per Day

Destiny Players Average 3 Hours Per Day

A quick look at gaming news over the last few months will tell gamers that Destiny is a hot topic, it has been for quite some time. While many moved on quickly after diving into Bungie’s sci-fi shooter, discouraged by the lack of story and overly grind-y set-up, others have turned Destiny into a daily ritual. They visit the exotic vendor Xur every Friday morning, they complete the Vault of Glass and Crota’s End after every reset, and they even try to complete encounters in unconventional ways.

Even while it’s been evident that the Destiny player base is dedicated, we haven’t had a great idea as to how dedicated they are. Today, Activision has helped clear that up.

How Popular is Destiny?

In an investors call, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg revealed that 16 million players have registered in Destiny. He also adds that the average daily play time for a Destiny player is three hours, a staggering number considering that 16 million player tally.

However, because there is no mention of how the numbers connect – basically, how many players actually spend the 3 hours (or more) per day in Destiny – it’s hard to gauge how many of the 16 million are actually active. For that matter, we don’t know if the 16 million count is of actual players or characters in Destiny, because many dedicated gamers (the 3-hour per day types) have more than one Guardian.

Can Destiny Continue to Grow?

Nevertheless, the numbers for Destiny are impressive, especially for a game whose criticisms have been widespread and content limitations are significant. Even as new games hit during the fall, Destiny seemed to be all gamers could talk about. It also didn’t hurt that much of Destiny’s competition – namely Assassin’s Creed Unity and Halo: The Master Chief Collection – launched with significant problems.

Destiny Doubles Skirmish Mode

Even then, Destiny made it out of 2014 as one of the top selling games of the year, and there is still more content on the horizon. There’s at least one more DLC expansion, House of Wolves, on the way, as well as a rumored standalone release called Comet. Needless to say, if these 16 million players are still invested – and they may not be – Destiny should keep rolling for a long while to come.

Are you one of the players who average 3 hours in Destiny per day? How much time do you typically spend in the game?


Source: Activision

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