Destiny Players Average 3 Hours of Play Time Per Day

By | 12 months ago 

In reference to The Taken King launch, Activision-Blizzard reveals data showing that Destiny players average 3 hours of daily playtime in Bungie’s sci-fi shooting RPG.

After Activision-Blizzard’s reveal that there are now more than 25 million registered players of Destiny, Bungie’s action-MMO can officially be considered as a smash hit—that is, if it wasn’t already deemed so by its legions of fans. Despite the initial lukewarm critical reception, Destiny has obviously gone on to take gaming consoles by storm, as it’s also been divulged that after The Taken King expansion’s release, its successful sales have translated into would-be Guardians logging an average of slightly more than 3 hours of playtime per day.

While the figures are admittedly impressive, as 3 hours is a sizable portion of a person’s waking existence, it was revealed way back in February that Destiny fans’ average daily play time was exactly the same then as it is now. However, even though players aren’t necessarily engaging with Bungie’s title on a more frequent basis, Activision can at least take comfort in the fact that Destiny‘s popularity continues to grow.

Regarding The Taken King‘s launch, the publisher specifically said, “Day-one downloads broke PlayStation records, day-one engagement saw the highest number of active players in Destiny’s history, [and] daily player engagement is now well above 3 hours per day”. Not only are such details evidence of Destiny‘s increasing fan base, but they should also be a boon for the company’s recent addition of microtransactions to the game, which first started with paid emotes.


As many would agree, there are very few perfect games, and Bungie’s Destiny certainly isn’t one of them. There are still myriad problems to be addressed, but at least the studio is attempting to tackle the issues.

For starters, Bungie announced that it would be issuing multi-month bans for Trials of Osiris cheaters, which should curb those attempting to game the system and support fans who are legitimately grinding for their loot. And speaking of the Crucible’s 3v3 Elimination mode, Destiny‘s Senior Designer Derek Carroll announced endgame gear rivaling Light Levels of Guardians taking on Oryx in the hard mode to be dropped for winning teams right after Trials of Osiris matches are completed, giving players more incentive to take part in the weekend action.

Should Bungie remain committed to connecting with Destiny‘s community, then the game’s user base will undoubtedly continue to expand. Of course, only time will tell what else is in store for the title.

Destiny and its expansion The Taken King are both available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Activision-Blizzard (via VG 24/7)