'Destiny' Players Defeat Atheon Using Only Melee Attacks

Ever since the release of Destiny's first DLC, The Dark Below, it seems Atheon – the final boss in Destiny's first raid, the Vault of Glass – has become a distant memory. While some Guardians may visit the Vault for a little bit of nostalgia, or in an attempt to acquire the Vex Mythoclast fusion rifle – which can only be won after beating Vault of Glass on hard mode – many players have abandoned the Vault of Glass to focus on Crota's End raid.

Much of this abandonment is due to Bungie's inexplicable decision to sell armor and weapons to Guardians at the tower that offer higher Light levels than what players can gain playing the Vault, making the raid's gear and materials obsolete. This move effectively nullified the Vault of Glass as it's no longer required for players to strengthen their characters to the highest possible levels. They won't be making that mistake again with the next DLC expansion, House of Wolves.

Admittedly, the Vault probably isn't doing that bad, considering there were many new players who joined Destiny over the holiday season and who are anxious and excited to take on Atheon. But for those who have leveled their characters to 31 or 32, there's almost no reason to go back to the Vault.

Destiny Vault of Glass

Except one group did find a reason. A fireteam decided to take on Atheon in hand-to-hand combat – defeating him using only melee attacks. You can watch their attempt in the video above. It's quite impressive.

Despite the fact that each player in the fireteam is a level 31 or 32, taking on Atheon with just melee strikes, even with super abilities, is a daunting task. While he can be taken down quickly when players use the simple weapon strategy originally intended by Bungie, he is still powerful enough to squash Guardians in a single stomp if they get too close. That didn't seem to deter these folks though, as they were able to take down Atheon in just a few minutes, without firing a single bullet at him.

The fireteam member who had the idea - who goes by Nolskog on Reddit - posted the team's strategy to Reddit. The fireteam consisted of four Bladedancers (Hunter class), one Relic Carrier (who picks up the relic after Atheon teleports them through a "timestream" to either Mars or Venus) and a Titan class with Blessing of Light. With the right team in place, they were able to finish off Atheon after four teleports. Here's the strategy from Nolskog:

Blessing of light gave us enough damage resistance to survive two Atheon stomps or 1 stomp + 1 supplicant explosion. Also, by staying near Atheon, he would rarely shoot us with lasers, and the stomp animation gives away when he's going to stomp, so we had enough time to evade it. Titan had Helm of Saint-14, which blinded supplicants as they spawned if they tried coming for us, and I think that helped a lot with them drifting around and not exploding. It's chaotic as hell, and could be much more polished, so much that you can probably do it in 2-3 teleports instead of 4.

For those who are curious, the team accomplished this feat on normal mode, but plans to attempt it on hard mode this week. So stay tuned to see if they are successful.

What do you think of these players beating Atheon using only melee attacks? Will you and your fireteam make the attempt? Let us know your strategy in the comments.

Destiny is available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit, YouTube

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