Destiny: How to Beat the Atheon Challenge in Vault of Glass Raid

Although it’s only the second week of Destiny’s Age of Triumph event, it’s the last for any mysterious add-ons to raids. Since both King’s Fall and Wrath of the Machine have already had challenge modes, the guessing games will come to a close once players complete the Atheon challenge.

Previously, Bungie had revealed that the Atheon challenge was the hardest it had created, and that was no over exaggeration. Destiny players will face an extreme challenge if they want to finish Atheon and unlock max loot, and coordination is going to be huge.

How to Complete the Atheon Challenge

The key to completing the Atheon challenge is that a player must kill an Oracle during every teleport phase. That means no player can destroy more than one Oracle, no player can die at any point, and that the shield relic might need to change hands at least once during each teleport. Things are going to get hectic.

vault of glass atheon throne room

Since only three players get teleported during each phase, the three non-teleported players are going to have two jobs. First, they will need to activate the portals to either Venus (right) or Mars (left), and then run in to kill an Oracle. Conversely, the players that do get teleported will need to kill their Oracle, run out through the portal, and then keep it open.

Whoever wields the shield will also need to kill an Oracle has two options to complete the challenge. They can drop the shield and kill an Oracle or trade it off to another player and kill an Oracle. Both strategies work, but the handoff will need to be quick. Since the entire team is going through the portal, everyone is going to need a cleanse at some point, or else they will be staring at a black screen.

Best Strategies for Atheon Challenge

The easiest way to coordinate completing the Atheon challenge is to assign numbers to Oracle kills. Since teleports are random, those numbers will change, but it’s important to have an idea as to who is taking out each Oracle.

Ideally, the teleporting teammates – the ones who don’t pick up the shield – will want to take out the first and second Oracles, and then the three players outside the portal will come in to take out Oracles three, four, and five. The last Oracle will be left for the shield bearer to handle.

Destiny Vex Mythoclast

Once all of the Oracles have been eliminated, the team can damage Atheon as normal. The most successful strategy is to meet at the platform in the middle, have the shield bearer activate the protective shield, and do damage to Atheon right in front.

Nightstalker Hunters will also want to use their Tethers to debuff Atheon and Titans will want to use the Weapons of Light buff on their Ward of Dawn bubbles for more damage. Golden Gun supers are also great here, since super meters constantly refill during the damage phase.

As far as what weapons are best for damaging Atheon, it’s all up to the player. Sleeper Simulant is great choice since it delivers a concentrated blast, but a sniper like Black Spindle can work too. Anything that maximizes DPS is great for the damage phase, but try to make sure at least one buff or debuff is active as well.

Once complete, the Atheon Challenge will reward one of the exotic elemental primary weapons, loot from the base level of the raid (armor and weapons), a new emblem, and, if you are lucky, the Vex Mythoclast. Don’t forget to use those Knuckles of Eao as well, for an added shot at loot.

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