Destiny Atheon Challenge: How to Kill Oracles Quickly and Efficiently

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By now many Destiny players have likely tried to tackle the Vault of Glass challenges added to the game during reset this week. Both the Templar Challenge and the Atheon Challenge are live, and they are among some of the most difficult Bungie has ever created.

In particular, the Atheon Challenge forces even the most seasoned of Destiny veterans to rethink their strategies and approach the Vault of Glass boss fight in new ways. No matter how prepared a team might be, there is going to be some chaos, as the Atheon Challenge requires every player to kill 1 Oracle – no more, no less.

To accomplish this, that means that every player will need to enter the portal to Venus or Mars, kill an Oracle, get cleansed, and then get back out. On the surface it might seem like an easy task, but coordinating which Oracle each player should destroy and in which order will take some practice.

Luckily, one Destiny fan has put together a helpful map that details the ordered Oracle spawns for both Mars and Venus. With this, players can assign specific Oracles to specific players and know exactly where to look when they enter the portal. Check out the helpful Atheon Challenge map below:

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Oracle 1: Grenade Throw

The first two Oracles should be the responsibility of the two players teleported by Atheon at the beginning of the teleport phase. One player should grab the relic and head down the stairs to fight the Vex enemies, while the other two will want to coordinate who tackles Oracle 1 and who tackles Oracle 2.

The player in charge of Oracle 1 will want to toss a grenade down towards the Vex and then wait for their Oracle to spawn. Any weapon will work, but we recommend Sleeper Simulant because it takes out the Oracles fast and is the strongest weapon to use against Atheon during the damage phase.

Oracle 2: Enemy Helper

While Oracle 1 is working on their Oracle, the person in charge of Oracle 2 should be shooting the Vex enemies at the bottom of the stairs to help the relic holder. Toss a grenade then use either primary or special weapon fire to make sure the relic holder doesn’t die. Once that is done, focus on Oracle 2.

Oracle 3: First One In

The person in charge of Oracle 3 will be the one who runs into the portal first. Again, Sleeper Simulant here will ensure a quick Oracle kill. Then get cleansed and run out.


Oracle 4: Slow Poke

The player who takes out Oracle 4 is just slightly slower running into the portal. No major difference here.

Oracle 5 and the Relic Holder

Oracle 5 should be the relic holder. The best strategy is to have the relic holder stand by the portal after killing the three Vex enemies so that he/she can cleanse players as they leave Mars/Venus. When the 5th Oracle spawns jump and slam (R2 or RB) on the Oracle and that should take it out. The Super blast also works as well.

Oracle 6: The Portal Protector

The player responsible for the last Oracle should be the one who kept the portal open while the remainder of the team ran in and out. Once someone comes back out from the portal, this player should run in. It doesn’t matter which portal is active, this player should be taking out the Oracle to their right. Sleeper Simulant is a big help because it ensures the quick kill.

Once all of the Oracles are down, the remaining players should run back out and meet at the platform in front of Atheon. Put a Weapons of Light bubble towards the back of the platform and then group up next to the relic holder, who will have the shield active the entire time.

With a Nightstalker Tether and Weapons of Light, the Sleeper Simulant should do around 300,000+ damage. Hence, why we recommend it for the fight. Snipers are also very useful as second option, and primary fire as a last resort. Don’t use supers unless it is a Golden Gun; weapon fire will do more DPS.

Source: WindsorShatzkin on Reddit

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