Destiny Team Kills Atheon in 1 Minute

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Destiny's Age of Triumph event has been running for about two weeks, and with it has come a celebration of the first game alongside the promise of bigger, better things in the upcoming sequel. But fans haven't shifted focus outside the base title just yet, ramping up their skills to new heights. This rings especially true for a fireteam of Destiny players who recently completed the game's Atheon Challenge in just 60 seconds.

While many fans have attempted to flawlessly execute a winning strategy in the challenge, YouTube users Eneo, DeMo x MeTaL z, Zouk Morta, MH TryHarder, Alex Felwinter, and Mattyex83 passed with flying colors. Currently regarded as the world's fastest Atheon kill at the 390 light level, which was brought to the Vault of Glass in the Age of Triumph event, the team strategy was recorded and posted to YouTube and later Reddit. Upon release, the Destiny team kill befuddled many fellow fans.

How to Kill Atheon in Record Time

The five-person team's strategy actually began off-screen, as Eneo explained that players "absolutely need a Pre-Atheon Check Point" in order to succeed. By the looks of the video footage, and as one Reddit user attempted to explain, it appears things began with Eneo shooting the raid boss with Gjallarhorn followed by the team engaging in an assault using Radiance and Fusion Grenades.

The pack then gathered orbs, equipped themselves with Sunsingers, and moved three members to the center of the stage to sacrifice themselves. From there, the dead Sunsinger Warlocks transferred to Radiant Skin. What follows is a bit chaotic, but ends in triumph nonetheless.

Understandably, complete details on exactly how the team managed such a noteworthy kill are a bit hazy. Because of this, quite a few Destiny players were left confused as to how the strategy truly panned out. "Wait, I don't understand what I'm seeing. Can you explain this strategy?" one user asked. Another offered an explanation: "Equip Ghorn [Gjallarhorn] on a self resurrect Warlock and keep shooting, throwing [grenades] until it's over. Make sure to kill yourself before the teleport."

Likewise, many others questioned how self-resurrection was maintained in the strategy. "It registers that you still have [self-resurrection] since you died with it... it registers you having an effect while giving you another one," one fan explained when another was left scratching their head.

Destiny World Records

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The team smashing the Atheon Challenge in a single minute is undoubtedly impressive, with others calling their efforts "mind-blowing" and "beautiful." And while they have seemingly set a new record for the in-game kill, the group also adds its name to the list of record holders.

Before this effort, another band of Destiny fans managed to defeat Aksis, the final boss in the Wrath of the Machine raid, using only melee attacks and grenades. Another player even found victory when they completed the Vault of Glass Templar Challenge solo.

Competition is certainly the name of the (literal) game, and it wouldn't be surprising to see additional Destiny teams take a stab at finishing the Atheon Challenge in even less time than this team did.

Destiny is available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube - Eneo

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