Bungie quells rumors ahead of its next Destiny reveal stream for the upcoming April Update, telling fans not to expect private matches to be a part of the discussion.

Bungie has been streaming every Wednesday for the past few weeks, revealing more each time about the April Update coming to Destiny next week. The developer has shown off a revamped Prison of Elders as well as new gear and Light level.

This Wednesday, Bungie is set to talk about new changes coming to the “sandbox” of Destiny; that is, things like weapon and subclass balance, changes to Crucible rewards, drop rates, and other changes sometimes dubbed in the MMO world as “quality of life” improvements. However, with mention of Crucible changes, the Destiny community has been ablaze with hopes and rumors of the possibility that Bungie might add private matches to Destiny.

Unfortunately, Bungie has made it clear that private matches will not be a feature coming in the April Update. Bungie’s Community Manager, David Dague, more commonly known as DeeJ responded to a tweet from a fan who said, “I sincerely hope this weeks stream will reveal private matches…please[…]”:

Nope. We'll talk about Weapon balance, the future of Warlocks, and changes to rewards and gameplay in the Crucible. https://t.co/j18JRDRWqm— DeeJ (@DeeJ_BNG) April 4, 2016

So, while there could be some tweaks to how Crucible gameplay works — DeeJ teased in last week’s ‘This Week At Bungie’ blog that there will be a change to Special Ammo (yet again) — fans shouldn’t be expecting the announcement of private matches. The same can probably be said for custom games, another much-asked-for request by fans. That’s not to say those PvP features won’t come sometime in the future, but it won’t be with this next scheduled update.

Destiny PvP Bannerfall

Destiny fans have been asking for private matches and custom games for a long time, especially since Bungie is the developer that brought its fanbase a wide array of multiplayer tools with Forge and Custom Games in the Halo franchise.

Bungie has never given an explanation as to why these have never been implemented. It could be a tough networking or programming challenge with the way Destiny was built, or an issue of internal resources with completing such a task. But until those questions are answered or until Bungie can add private matches and custom games to Destiny, fans will have to keep waiting.

The next content drop on the horizon after the April Update when private matches could foreseeably be added is a promised large expansion (to the same scale as The Taken King) this fall. If it doesn’t come then, it will definitely be near the top of fans’ wishlists for the full sequel in 2017.

The April Update will hit Destiny Tuesday, April 12.

Are you bummed that private matches won’t be a part of the April Update? What “sandbox” changes do you hope to see in Bungie’s next Destiny stream?