Several users from have begun investigating a mysterious profile on the service which seems to be dropping hints about the next Destiny expansion.

Destiny fans are speculating that Bungie itself may be dropping cryptic hints about future Destiny content via a profile in one of the title’s augmented reality games.

Since yesterday, several users of have begun reporting that they have been receiving strange messages from a profile named Absense Vigil. The account information for the cryptifc messager is written in Latin, though several intrepid fans have already translated the text, revealing it to be a short batch of musical notation. The account keeps making references that are definitely related to Destiny, leading some fans to believe that Bungie is building up the hype for a future expansion, although it has already been confirmed no new content will arrive until the Fall.

Here’s what the account biography itself says:

Take up our instruments as our audience takes a seat. We will play first, then you will repeat.

While it’s clear that music is playing a key role with the Absense Vigil account, the direct messages and images the profile has been sending only deepen the mystery. Users have begun compiling the answers in a Reddit thread, hoping to etch some clarity out of the shadows. So far, no luck.

Destiny April Update Hero Shot

There’s been plenty of drama surrounding user accounts in regards to Destiny lately, as the Absense Vigil mystery comes less than a week after the Rezyl Azzir dropped hints about a hidden dead ghost from the new game mode for Prison of Elders. However, once fans examined when this hint was posted, they realized that is occurred only 17 minutes after the April update went live, making it improbable the account was from a player who had somehow beaten the game mode within 17 minutes of it becoming publicly available. Even more curiously, the attached Grimoire card to the ghost was about a Destiny character with the moniker of Rezyl Azzir, meaning it’s likely a Bungie employee was behind the account all along.

It’s clear Bungie employees seem to enjoy playing with the masses, but the latest mystery seems to go pretty deep. More images have popped up, though each one seems to bring more confusion than clarity into the mix. In any event, it seems like gamers are no closer to the getting to the bottom of the Absense Vigil Mystery than when it all started.

Those who aren’t interested in the mystery still have plenty to keep themselves busy with, like reaching the new maximum light level cap or taking advantage of the newest way to farm loot after the April update.

Curious gamers can take a look at the Reddit thread dedicated to solving the mystery here, or take a peak at the Absense Vigil account here. Several players have attempted to message the account to coax out some answer, and some have even gotten some murky answers back.

Do you think Bungie is behind Absense Vigil, or is this a clever hoax from a Destiny fan?

Source: Reddit