Destiny April Update Features New Strike and Rewards

April Update Winters Run

Destiny's April Update coming next month brings with it a brand new Strike, plus a revamped Strike featuring Taken enemies, as well as new gear and rewards to earn.

On April 12, Destiny will get a shot in the arm with the April Update. It's the first time new content has come to Destiny since The Taken King launched in September 2015 (besides live events that have spanned the months since then).

Bungie revealed that the Prison of Elders is getting a revamp with a higher level mode and endgame-level challenge mode that will get players to a new level cap. But that's not all for the PvE content coming in the April Update. Destiny fans will also be getting a brand new Strike and a reworked one as well.

The April Update features a new Quest, which players will receive from Variks in the Reef. That Quest will culminate in the Blighted Chalice Strike, which features Malok, a new enemy after Oryx has been defeated. As Bungie says, just because Oryx is gone doesn't mean the Taken are:

"The Taken King is dead. Yet still his armies claw at our worlds. Even as you led the assault on the Dreadnaught, a powerful would-be Taken Prince fled for the safety of the shadows. Hunt him down before he grows too powerful."

Players may be familiar with the name Malok (although Bungie clarified today that the correct pronunciation is muh-LOCK), most likely from the much-desired (and grinded for) Grasp of Malok pulse rifle, a popular PvP weapon currently in the game. Malok will feature as the baddie for the April Update mini-expansion.

The other Strike that's coming is familiar. Like the handful of Strikes refreshed with new Taken enemies in The Taken King expansion, the Winter's Run Strike will also get the Taken treatment and debut in the April Update. The Archon Priest has been "taken" and will serve as a remixed boss for that well-known Strike. Players can access the new Winter's Run variant through the Vanguard Strike playlist.

Destiny Taken Archon Priest

And with these new Strikes come opportunities for new loot, which the April Update will bring. Expect a bevy of new weapons and armor to collect come April 12. One of those new weapons, a sniper rifle (much in the same vein as the ever-popular 1000-Yard Stare) called Her Fury got some screen time in Bungie's reveal stream today. Expect a full set of new Prison of Elders weapons, plus more.

Bungie will reveal more about the weapons, armor, and other loot players can earn in the April Update next Wednesday during their second of three reveal streams.

What do you think of the Blighted Chalice Strike and revamped Winter's Run Strike coming in Destiny's April Update?

Destiny's April Update launches April 12.

Source: Bungie, Game Informer

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