The developers at Bungie release a brand new preview trailer that details all of the features in the forthcoming April update for its action-MMO, Destiny.

With Destiny‘s big April update set to release tomorrow, Bungie has decided to compile all of the details regarding the major new features set to be included with a fresh preview trailer. The video touches on practically everything short of bugs and glitch fixes, as it provides a rundown on the title’s revamped Strikes, new bounties, and perhaps most significantly, the increase of the Light Level cap from 320 to 335.

For those unaware, over the last few weeks, Bungie has been trickling out information about Destiny‘s April update by way of multiple livestreams, which has probably been nearly impossible for even the most devoted fan to follow completely. Thankfully, though, the studio’s preview for tomorrow’s Spring overhaul is quite comprehensive, as it prepares players for all of what’s to come.

As seen in the video below, a bevy of Bungie developers discuss Destiny‘s Update 2.2.0 as it’s dubbed, unpacking the content’s elements and explaining that a lot of the changes being brought about — the inclusion of checkpoints to Prison of Elders, for one —were primarily driven by the community’s feedback. Should some fans be completely in the dark about Destiny‘s totally free update for those who own The Taken King, they would do well to check out the clip in order to get the full briefing.

On top of the aforementioned changes being brought to Destiny tomorrow, a new customization system called Chroma will be added for gear and weapon sets, and it is available in the four different colors of blue, red, yellow, and white. Furthermore, as has been requested for a while by fans, developers are including an interesting-looking set of Taken armor, as well as a twitchy emote mimicking the enemy from which the gear is inspired. Also, the April update will be bringing back some Year 1 Exotics and Legendary weapons to be boosted to Year 2 levels, giving Guardians a much larger armory from which to choose.

While everything discussed thus far for Destiny‘s April update is set to be included across all platforms, Bungie has also made it clear that there will be plenty of PlayStation exclusives, such as a new quest and weapon. Unfortunately, for the time being, Xbox fans are just going to have to be content with the materials being offered to to everyone.

Destiny‘s launching of its April update tomorrow is just what Guardians have been clamoring for, as many players have been claiming the need for fresh content for a while. However, the sci-fi shooter will be competing with two other big releases for gamers’ attention. For starters, its opposition in the action-MMO The Division is set to put out its highly anticipated Incursions update, while From Software is finally primed to provide markets outside of Japan with the most recent installment of its long-running action-RPG franchise by launching Dark Souls 3. With that in mind, tomorrow is set to be chock-full of gaming goodness for fans worldwide.

Destiny is out now and is available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Destiny – YouTube