Destiny fans playing on PlayStation consoles will receive an exclusive quest and reward in Destiny‘s April Update, continuing the history of Destiny exclusives on PlayStation.

Since the launch of Destiny in September of 2014, those playing on PlayStation consoles have always gotten in-game exclusives. Activision and Bungie have been in partnership with Sony even before Destiny‘s release, and it looks as though that isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

Bungie has revealed that in the free April Update—which is bringing a revamped Prison of Elders mode, a new Light level cap, as well as a new Strike and mission—players can visit Petra Venj in the Reef to collect a new exclusive Quest which will end in a “unique reward.”

April Update PS Exclusive Quest

There’s no way to know the entirety of the new Quest, but the first step was shown on screen during Bungie’s April Update reveal stream. The first step will send players to the Court of Oryx aboard the Dreadnaught on a collection quest.

Kill Champions (aka bosses) in the Court of Oryx to gather Essence with higher level Champions dropping more Essence. Once that’s done, players will move on to the Quest’s next step. But to know what that is, fans will have to wait until April 12th, when the April Update is pushed to Destiny.

Bungie’s community manager, David Dague (also known as DeeJ) said that Petra’s Quest will be a PlayStation exclusive “for the time being.” It appears that like many of the exclusives that PlayStation players have received in the past in Destiny, this one will also be timed.

There’s no word on when it will be available to Destiny players on Xbox consoles. In the past, PlayStation exclusives have remained so for a year.

However, there was a Quest in The Taken King that was unlocked by purchasing a can of Destiny promotional Red Bull, and that unlocked for all users about three months after The Taken King launched. So there’s the possibility that Xbox players could get it sooner than a year.

Destiny‘s PlayStation exclusives started back before the game even came out with the First Look Alpha, which was only on PlayStation 4. In its first year, content like the weapon Hawkmoon, the Exodus Blue Crucible map, and the Psion Flayer Strike were exclusive. Xbox players didn’t get their hands on those items until The Taken King was released. That has continued into 2016 with Iron Banner gear only available on Sony’s consoles.

We’ll know more about this Quest when the free April Update hits all consoles April 12.

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Source: Bungie