Bungie announces the next substantial update to Destiny – the Spring Update fans have been waiting for that will bring new content – will come to the game April 12.

Destiny fans have been waiting for news about the game’s Spring Update, which Bungie has promised will raise the level cap while bringing new gear and PvE activities. After weeks of waiting for a launch date for said update, Bungie has finally set a date: April 12.

Bungie says that Destiny‘s Spring Update will now be referred to as the April Update and be labeled Patch 2.2.0. As promised, it will bring with it “new PvE challenges, new and updated gear, increased max Light and rewards” and more. The update will be free for anyone who own The Taken King expansion.

To help reveal the update, as Bungie has done in the past, the developer will be hosting streams on Twitch to show off what’s coming. For the next three Wednesdays, Bungie has scheduled streams titled “New Things to Do,” most likely about the new activities coming in the update; “New Things to Earn,” which likely show the new gear and Light level; and “Sandbox and Crucible Updates,” which appears to preview game-wide patch changes coming to the game with the April Update.

Destiny Nightfall Strike Broken

Also included in the update is a new Quest and a new Strike called “Blighted Chalice.” This appears to be separate from the PvE challenges that Bungie also noted as part of the update.

This update will definitely be bigger than any of the live events like Festival of the Lost, Sparrow Racing League, or Crimson Days that have come before it. But it looks to be less dense than a formal expansion like The Dark Below or House of Wolves that fans received in Year One. For something even bigger than the April Update, fans will have to wait for a promised major expansion this fall.

Initial reactions online from the Destiny community are positive. There has been little going on in Destiny for the past six months since the launch of The Taken King. Outside of the small live events and the regular rotation of Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris PvP events, this is the first shot in the arm Destiny has received since September 2015.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the April update releases in close proximity to Division‘s Incursions, maybe even on the same day. While the April update is a little less substantive in nature, the Incursions are said to unveil the true endgame of The Division. Needless to say, it will be interesting to see which gets priority among fans of both games.

It’s unclear what will happen to players who don’t own The Taken King, but considering most active players probably do own the latest expansion, this content will be free for the majority of the Destiny player base.

There’s sure to be much more information revealed over the next four weeks as the April Update marches closer, and Game Rant will have all the info as it drops.

Are you excited for Destiny‘s April Update? Will it get you back into the game if you’ve stopped playing? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Bungie