Destiny's Future Plans To Be Revealed Tomorrow


Destiny's developer, Bungie, has promised to shed more light on the next steps for Destiny tomorrow. While it's not clear how far into the future Bungie is getting ready to preview, the developer says it will provide "an announcement and a reveal schedule" in the form of an article that will go live on the developer's website at 9 a.m. Pacific tomorrow, March 3rd.

There are a few things that Bungie could give more details about tomorrow, which fans know will be coming to Destiny at some point. First are a number of sandbox changes that Bungie previewed last week, which will make changes to sidearms, Memory of Skorri, No Land Beyond, and Truth. These items have caught the attention of fans and Bungie since the weapon rebalance patch issued in February. Bungie specifically mentioned this in its blog, so it's safe to assume the patch containing these changes will be dated tomorrow.

Bungie also said it will "begin the conversation" about "some fresh challenges" coming to Destiny, which is likely a reference to the content update that the developer promised would be coming to the game this year. Bungie has honed in a spring release for whatever that content drop may be, with most fans assuming it will be similar to last year's April Update.


Last year's April update added the Challenge of the Elders mode, some new gear, and a remastered Strike - the most substantial content drop following the launch of The Taken King. As a result, many fans have a working theory that Bungie will bring back old raids, but that is completely unconfirmed at this point. It's a good bet that Bungie will at least provide a schedule for the reveal, if not a bigger reveal, of this content drop in its article tomorrow.

Lastly, and most in question, is if Bungie will say anything at all about Destiny 2, the full sequel that Activision and Bungie have said time and again is on track for release this year. The game is expected to be at E3, but a reveal could come sooner. However, it's more likely that if a sequel is mentioned at all tomorrow, it will be in the vaguest sense.

Destiny is in the middle of a dry spell when it comes to content, so many fans will be happy to get news of what is to come. Fortunately for them, they don't have long to wait. Again, that article will go live on at 9 a.m. Pacific tomorrow.

How much do you think Bungie will reveal about Destiny's future in their announcement tomorrow? Let us know in the comments.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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