'Destiny' Delivers Colorful and Festive April Fools Easter Egg

Destiny Dancing Easter Egg


April Fool's Day is a fun time of year for game developers, and many take the opportunity to inject unique features into their games to commemorate the holiday. For instance, those who play Dying Light today will discover their character has received a superpower that makes killing zombies extremely enjoyable.

Not to be left out of the fun, it looks like the folks over at Bungie have concocted their own April Fool's Day Easter Egg. Players who visit today will be greated with a brightly colored, dancing Destiny character. If you're character isn't dancing, make sure to turn off any ad blockers as those may keep it from happening.

Even though Destiny's April Fool's Day Easter Egg doesn't cross over into the game, it's still a nice distraction. Plus, Guardians are quite the impressive dancers. Those high school students who are preparing for prom could probably learn a thing or two from their Destiny characters.

This year's prank falls in line with some of Bungie's past jokes, which have all happened on the company's website. In the past, Bungie has announced games that weren't real and announced amusing additions to Halo: Reach.

In 2012, they opted out of doing a prank. According to Bungie Community Manager, David "DeeJ" Dague, Bungie "had some plans that would have delighted most of you, stupefied some of you, and offended all of you. Before that trigger was pulled, cooler heads prevailed."

Pimps at Sea

While a joke centered around Bungie's current flagship game, Destiny, is expected, we can't help but wish they would have once again revived their Pimps at Sea prank. The joke started over a decade ago, where Bungie announced on their website they were developing a new game called Pimps at Sea, which would throw players into the life of a pimp pirate. The joke was originally a little crude and slightly NSFW, but it found huge success among Bungie fans, which led to the team adopting it again for their joke in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2011. Hopefully they'll bring it back next year.

In the meantime, we'll keep at least one browser tab open to today so we can get a fun dancing Guardian pick-me-up as we go throughout our day.

What do you think about Bungie's Destiny April Fool's Day Easter Egg? What other gaming April Fool's Day jokes have you enjoyed? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Arekkz Gaming

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