Bungie reveals the new loot Destiny players can earn in the upcoming April Update, which includes new armor sets, armor and weapon effects, and a new Taken armor set.

Today, in the second of three Twitch reveals for Destiny‘s April Update, Bungie showed off the new gear fans will be grinding for when the new update drops.

When the April Update is pushed to Destiny on April 12, players will have new Faction gear to earn, however it won’t be available directly from the Faction vendors in the Tower. Instead the only way to earn the new armor will be through Faction packages that players earn at each new level of reputation with each Faction.

Sometimes those packages can be few and far between depending on how much a player grinds, but Bungie said mid-stream that players will notice an increase in the frequency of those drops. The developer didn’t go into full detail, but it appears players will be leveling up much quicker with the Factions come April 12.

Destiny Dead Orbit Chroma

With those new Faction sets of armor comes a new visual effect that adds a bit of customization to player’s gear. Bungie is calling it Chroma, which adds a colored glow to armor. Each piece of armor has its own Chroma color so players can mix, match, and enable it on whichever individual armor pieces they choose. Chroma also applies to new weapons coming in the update.

Chroma comes in red, blue, white, and yellow. The color is randomly decided like the rest of an armor piece’s stats; however, it’s possible to reroll which Chroma color a piece of armor has for 100 Glimmer.

Bungie also showed off a set of Taken armor. When the developer teased the image of the armor, many thought it would be a Taken shader that could be applied to any gear; however it is instead a collectible armor set. The path to getting that gear has to do with a new item called Sterling Treasure. Players will earn Sterling Treasure in the April Update in a few ways: the Postmaster will give one out every week, the new Level 41 Prison of Elders, and from completing one match in the Weekly Crucible Playlist.

Destiny Taken Ship

The Taken armor and another set called Spektar, as well as a new Taken ship, will drop from opening Sterling Treasure. Sterling Treasure can also be purchased from Eververse via microtransactions.

Furthermore, completing the weekly scorecard in the new Challenge of the Elders mode will net players new maxed Light gear from Variks, while other unique weapons and armor — like a new Taken sword heavy weapon — will drop inside of the new Strikes coming in the April Update.

There are a lot of new things to earn in the April Update, which should keep Destiny fans busy for a little while as they wait for the promised large expansion coming this fall.

The April Update is free for anyone with The Taken King expansion, and will hit Destiny April 12th.

What do you think of the new gear coming to Destiny? Will the April Update get you back on the loot grind?

Source: Bungie