Destiny's Anti-Cheat System Ruined Potential World's First Raid Run


Bungie's anti-cheat system for Destiny: Rise of Iron's raid ruins a potential World's First run for a Fireteam of Guardians in Wrath of the Machine's Heroic Mode.

With the Heroic Mode for Destiny: Rise of Iron's Wrath of the Machine raid having gone live yesterday afternoon, it's safe to say that there are still plenty of Guardians working toward completing the team-based activity in a respectable time-frame. Of course, many have already taken the extra difficult challenge to the cleaners, with the clan known as Die Busfahrer — German for "The Bus Drivers" —having become the first to beat it.

However, it seems as if Team Redeem — the heavy favorite to take the crown of World's First for defeating Destiny: Rise of Iron's Wrath of the Machine raid on its Heroic Mode — was thwarted during their potential record-grabbing run due to an in-game issue. As it happens, a Bungie anti-cheat system put in place for the mode's Siege Engine boss fight actually ruined the chances of Team Redeem snagging the title.

As seen in the video below at the 24:04 mark, one Guardian ran ahead during the Death Zamboni encounter, and accidentally crossed an invisible barrier, which caused the game to believe that the group was cheating, resulting in a clan-wide wipe. Team Redeem eventually respawned, but they were sent back to replay a previous piece of the raid that had already been completed, ultimately tacking on roughly six additional minutes to their run, putting them behind Die Busfahrer for the World's First status.


For those unaware, Team Redeem took the World First status for Wrath of the Machine on normal, so a lot of folks were expecting the clan to do it again with the raid's Heroic Mode. Since tackling that specific difficulty level, the clan went on to raise their Guardians to the Light level cap of 400 in hopes of repeating their success, but the six minute setback was enough to put them far behind their goal, with Die Busfahrer clocking in at 2:45:55, The Legend Himself at 2:47:44, and Redeem at 2:49:52

Although Team Redeem fell short of their intentions, the clan maintained a good sense of sportsmanship. Regarding the outcome of their run, the group said, "This was our first run throughout the WoTM Hard Mode. GGs to Clan Die Busfahrer aka The Bus Drivers for getting world-first Hard Mode WoTM. [. . .] We got world-third, behind The Legend Himself."

Taking all of this into consideration, not all is lost for Team Redeem. In fact, the clan can at least go on to tackle Destiny: Rise of Iron's raid on its Heroic difficulty setting in order to attain its World Record speedrun.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Modern Tryhard — YouTube (via Eurogamer)

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