Destiny Fan Creates Awesome Anime Opening Cinematic


A Destiny fan answers the question, "What would an anime opening look like for Destiny?" by cutting together a really spectacular spoof of common anime tropes.

Destiny has been described by its developer, Bungie, as a mythic science fiction universe. It's part science fiction, part fantasy with named weapons, a deep lore, and space knights who can wear Viking-inspired armor and wield a flaming axe.

Destiny is an amalgamation of genres, with touches of Halo and Star Wars and Dark Souls. There are surely influences from anime as well, and one fan has thought up what an anime-style opening would look like for Destiny.


The video, posted by a user named PopeOwned on YouTube, spread quickly throughout the Destiny community after it was posted on the game's subreddit. The cinematic opening features footage captured from every expansion of Destiny, from the original release to the latest Rise of Iron DLC.

Common tropes from anime openers can be found here: the pop-y and electric guitar riff heavy Japenese soundtrack, ghosted characters popping in and out of frame, and the Japanese credits. However, many of the names listed in the credits are developers who have moved on from Bungie.

Most notably, Joseph Staten's name is listed first. Famously one of Bungie's longtime writers through the Halo years, Staten split with Bungie the year prior to the launch of Destiny. Rumors suggest he left after the grand narrative he originally wrote for the game was completely scrapped and thrown out. He has since moved on to work for Microsoft, writing and directing ReCore.

Queen Mara Sov The Taken King

The other name Destiny fans will probably notice is Marty O'Donnell. He made news when he announced that he was wrongfully terminated from Bungie, and later won a lawsuit against his former employer.

Destiny's cinematics, which Bungie doubled down on starting with The Taken King, works so well in this anime opening. From the out-of-this world characters to a space battle, Destiny surprisingly comes across as a perfect fit for anime.

This is not the first time that Destiny's cinematics have been used by fans to create something fantastic. Last year, fans created an awesome version of The Force Awakens trailer using footage from the title. And that's just one example.

It just makes us wish Bungie and Activision would make an official Destiny anime. Activision-Blizzard established a studio for creating movies and TV shows out of their brands, such as a new Netflix show in the Skylanders universe, so one can hope.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: PopeOwned — YouTube

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