Old Destiny Animation Reel Features Impressive Enemy Movement, Cut Animations

By | 12 months ago 

Destiny animator Christopher Cox releases a Destiny animation reel featuring character and enemy animations, including some which never made it to the final release.

In an effort to showcase his animation skills, Destiny animator Christopher Cox uploaded a video showcasing some of the animations he created or helped to polish for Destiny. While some of the animations shown in the reel are in the finished game, others are completely absent from Destiny, and some appear to be much more detailed in his presentation.

The animation reel shows player character and enemy animations, but the enemy animations are where the reel really shines. Some of the animations displayed aren’t being used in Destiny, though it’s quite common for games to cut some of the animations that were developed for them. Some of the enemy animations shown in the reel may have been scrapped despite looking great because they caused problems when used in the game.

For example, it’s quite possible that the recoil and dodging animations used by the Dreg would cause serious clipping problems if they were triggered while the Dreg was too close to a wall or object in-game. However, it’s unfortunate that they didn’t make it in, as some of them are simply gorgeous to look at. Others, like the Fallen attempting to dodge and failing, resulting in them skidding across the ground on their faces, would have added a lot of humor to what can be long, grueling battles.

While there are probably very practical reasons from changing or not using some of these animations, it’s hardly the first time Bungie has cut content from Destiny. Destiny has not only experienced some major changes during the course of development of the base game and its expansions, but it may have also had major changes made to its story prior to release. Some of these cuts are more disappointing than others, with many gamers finding that the story in Destiny‘s base game is lacking at best.

In any case, all of the clips in the Destiny animation reel are strikingly smooth. While the video plays back at a normal 30 frames per second, it’s possible that Bungie made minor changes to simplify the animations in-game in order to make Destiny a smooth FPS experience. It may also be possible that some of these animations are simply perceived a bit differently when players are distracted by running, gunning, and dodging while actually playing the game.

Destiny is out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube