Unofficial App Lets You Play 'Destiny' on Android Devices

Destiny Running On Samsung Galaxy S3


The Remote Play feature on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 is a neat function when it's up and running correctly. You turn on the system, grab a supported device like a PS Vita, set up the game, enable the feature, and go. Play in another room (most likely the bathroom), down the street, garage or wherever, and players can enjoy their console games on their mobile devices. In some cases, Remote Play even works when users are a greater distance away from the console, but oftentimes lag is involved.

Currently, and specifically with the PS4, the PS Vita and several Sony Xperia smartphones are supported by Remote Play, leaving both iOS and Android users to scavenge for other means to use the feature. Which brings us to today's story about an app that, at the very least, allows Android owners finally utilize the feature themselves. Unsurprisingly, the app isn't an officially supported release.

Using what is basically an Android port of the PS4 Remote Play app on the Google Play store, Android users can download and install the APK and, after following a few steps, be off to playing, say, Destiny, without having to sit down in from of their TV or PS4. In the video above, YouTube user NightmareTacoGaming demonstrates how to set everything up to play on a Samsung Galaxy S3 (complete with virtual buttons), and the result is a surprisingly smooth playing version of Bungie's latest shooter. If touch controls aren't your thing, though, there are also instructions on how to use a DualShock 4 in combination with an Android device.

Outside of the video, here's a quicker, three-step summation of what to do, courtesy of Reddit:

Step 1: Download the APK.

Step 2: Install the APK on your Android device.

Step 3: While near your powered on PS4, open the Remote Play app, and click Next.

WHAM-BAM you should be connected. Now the Remote Play will remember your console. If you are in another location, even 2,000 miles away, the Remote Play app will look on the internet to find your PS4. Leave your PS4 in REST MODE so you can always connect.

Destiny Running On Samsung Galaxy S3

The Android port in use here has actually been around for a few months now, and was originally from TheScriptKitty on the xda-developers forums. The last update was at the end of January, but those preparing to use the app should proceed to do so with a bit of caution. It is an unofficial app, after all. Users should be sure to enable Remote Play functionality on the PS4, and use a wired internet connection for better results.

Additionally, PS3 players will have to sit this one out, as attempts to get the PS3 and Android devices to play nice didn't work out. Sorry.

Sources: NightmareTacoGaming on YouTube, Reddit, Remote Play Port

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