Destiny Alpha Extended For 'Dangerous Experiments'

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Activision is saying that Bungie’s new first person shooter will break records for being the most pre-ordered new IP in history and off the back of some serious PlayStation-only incentives, Sony is calling Destiny ‘the PS4’s biggest system seller’. That’s even in the face of the three highly talked about PS4 exclusives, inFamous: Second Son, DriveClub and The Order: 1886.

As an MMO and FPS from the makers of Halo, Destiny has all of the right fun-packed ingredients to make a meal far more substantial than a bowl of chips and salsa Verde. However, a problem with Destiny's persistent online world if there ever was one, is that like Battlefield 4’s server troubles, it could potentially run into a big bit of lag bother without the right consideration.

The Destiny beta on PS3 and PS4 (it’s a timed exclusive on PlayStation) should help to solve that as those record breaking pre-order holders put the game and its servers through its stress testing paces but before then, the recent PS4-only Destiny alpha could help to iron out initial kinks. It’s been enjoyed by PS4 owners for the past few days (scheduled for Thursday to Sunday) but as the playable Destiny alpha came to a close, Bungie announced that they’re extending it with even more surprises in store.


Considered a part of the Sony and Activision partnership (including exclusive weapons and missions upon Destiny’s launch and the aforementioned beta), the alpha gave players a chance to test out what a $500 million development budget gets you as well as Destiny’s character creation - something Bungie's previous franchise didn't offer players (since you're Master Chief). Character creation is especially important given that Activision reckons we’ll be spending around a decade in the franchise so customizable faces and such in combination with the range of Guardian classes (Hunter, Titan, Warlock) all being available to test is a good indication of what we’re in for.

Furthermore, the game’s expansive setting is ripe for exploration, firefights (as grand, connected public events) and a hub called ‘The Tower’ in which you can upgrade your Destiny loot, check your mail and show off your customized character in third person is available to visit. That might seem a little mundane though which is probably why the alpha is being extended with “dangerous experiments” according to the tweet from Bungie which you can read below.

Destiny screenshot - Hunter in tower

In actual fact, no one really knows what those experiments will entail but one can only presume that it will involve a giant public event and a bit of mischievous stat boosting and tweaking of player abilities on Bungie’s part just to prove what their characters (and enemies) are capable of.

We also don’t know how much longer the Destiny alpha will be extended for either as not only is the beta just a month away, Bungie probably won’t want players getting too attached to their alpha-made guardians given that progress or characters won’t transfer over to the forthcoming beta. It is still available as of the time of writing though so if you own a PS4 and have an interest in Destiny, hop on the PlayStation Store it should still be available to download and play.

Destiny will arrive on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4 on September 9, 2014.

Source: Bungie

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