Destiny Players Killed All 8 Gorgons in Vault of Glass Raid

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The beauty of games like Destiny can be found in the way it brings a group of friends together in search of glory and recognition. The development of a thriving community is difficult, but if done right, studios like Bungie are rewarded with a population like Destinys player base, eager to prove their worth among their peers by completing the game’s most difficult tasks.

While most of Destiny‘s players are busy perfecting their play and gearing up for Destiny: The Taken King, some truly dedicated players are still plumbing the depths of Destiny‘s end game for secrets. One group from the popular Destiny subreddit /r/raidsecrets on Reddit went into the Vault of Glass with a mission, and their findings might come as a surprise.

As it turns out, managing to kill all 8 Gorgons in the Vault of Glass raid before any more spawn is immensely difficult. It requires intense coordination to even attempt, and took the group from /r/raidsecrets many tries before they finally completed it one day ago. This particular achievement has been attempted repeatedly due, in part, to a popular fan theory that has gained traction as more people failed to accomplish it. The thought behind completing this particular task was that killing all 8 Gorgons before they respawned might unlock a secret or easter egg within the game. In a video posted to /r/raidsecrets, Reddit user Killtrend details his point of view as a group of talented Destiny players finally manages to render all 8 Gorgons dead at the same time within a darkness zone.

Unfortunately, as the Gorgons lay defeated and the players involved presumably wait with a mixture of relief and anticipation, nothing happens. At all. As luck would have it, the popular myth about the 8 Gorgons was just that: a myth, and not a hidden secret tucked away by Bungie developers to be found by Destiny‘s most hardcore players.

Destiny 8 Gorgons 2

Still, this kind of achievement is immensely impressive, even if those involved went without an in-game reward for their efforts. It just goes to show that fans of the game are so eager for new content that they are attempting to create it themselves, and this kind of fervent passion is what’s allowed Bungie to offer the Destiny: The Taken King expansion with a Destiny-themed PS4 alongside it. While we get closer to Destiny‘s first anniversary, the fact that gamers are still eagerly trying out new tricks and difficult, entirely self-motivated raid restrictions is another sign that Bungie has created an IP with longevity.

Congratulations go out to Killtrend and the entire team from /r/raidsecrets on a world-first achievement in Destiny. Killing the 8 Gorgons is something that they can be proud of, in-game rewards or not.

Destiny is currently available for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, and Destiny: The Taken King releases on September 15, 2015 for the same four consoles.

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