Destiny Player Finally Solos Aksis Final Boss Fight


After 8 weeks of trying and a light level boost from Heroic Mode, one Destiny player finally beats the Aksis boss fight in the Wrath of the Machine raid solo.

After nearly 8 weeks since the release of Destiny: Rise of Iron, someone has finally done it. Aksis, the final boss in the Wrath of the Machine raid, has been beaten solo.

It took many failed attempts for one Destiny player to finally succeed, but finally Reddit user Scardrow has found a way to take a 6-player encounter and make it a 1-player encounter. Check out his very impressive run in the video below.

What’s interesting about Scardrow’s run is that he completed it as a Warlock, the only class without a significant DPS buffing ability. Obviously, the Warlock has a greater advantage in that it can self resurrect upon death, but choosing Warlock means Scardrow needed to get all of his Aksis damage in the old fashioned way. Thankfully the cannons in Aksis Phase 2 deal out plenty of damage, and there are three of them to share between one player.

Still, Scardrow needed to constantly be on his toes if he wanted to complete Aksis solo. Running from Servitor to Servitor and then chasing Aksis to stun him requires a lot of map awareness and quick movements. It also doesn't hurt that Scardcrow could down all the Servitors and the Self-Rez to avoid the lockout after using a cannon.


Although many fireteams and solo players have figured out ways to complete other sections of Wrath of the Machine in small teams, none had defeated Aksis. It was actually considered an accomplishment when a player was able to get to the Aksis damage phase solo, but unfortunately the invisible timer and a lack of protection platforms dashed any hopes of that run succeeding.

However, once Bungie raised the light level cap to 400 most believed that a solo Aksis run was possible. The added damage that comes from higher light and the greater protection from damage should have been enough in theory, and they were.

Still, having to coordinate three different cannons and make sure the three elemental Servitors are in the right spot at the right time can be difficult. Any slip up, like a Captain's cannon hitting the player or too many enemies firing at the player, could have easily derailed the run, and we're sure they did. But eventually everything came together as intended and Aksis fell to a single combatant.

Given how challenging this Aksis solo run is on Normal mode it’s hard to imagine anyone will have success on Heroic. The additions made to the Heroic version of the Aksis fight are sure to make any solo completion nearly impossible, but plenty will surely try. And if someone does succeed Game Rant will be sure to give him or her their props as well.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Scardrow

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