A Destiny fan lowers his Light level down to the old 385 cap to test the idea that soloing Aksis at that level is impossible, proving it doesn’t take 400 Light to conquer the raid boss.

Destiny is now in a state that many fans would consider to be a content drought. The last live event, The Dawning, has come to an end and there is very little known about what the future of Destiny’s Year 3 holds. Bungie teased that the game will get another content update this year, but until then—or at least until fans get a weapon rebalancing patch that they’ve been desperately asking for—fans continue to find new ways to play the game.

But instead of looking for a new challenge, one fan in particular took a look back into the near past to find an older challenge to accomplish. That is, defeating the final boss of the Wrath of the Machine raid solo, at the old Light cap of 385. Back before the Light level was increased to 400 with the release of Wrath of the Machine’s Heroic Mode, many player attempted the feat but were unable to do it.


The entire raid had been beaten by three and two-man teams at that time, but it took that rise to 400 to allow a single player to take down Aksis one on one. But this user, who goes by Gladd on Reddit, lowered his level back down to 385 and finally defeated Aksis solo.

In his post on the Destiny subreddit Gladd says how many considered soloing Aksis at 385 to be impossible. But now that many players have been able to solo Aksis and effective strategies have been developed by the community, Gladd says by running those strategies efficiently allowed him to pull off the run.

The biggest challenge to the run was the “Final Stand” section of the fight, where Aksis requires a lot of damage to take down the last sliver of health before unleashing an attack that will instantly kill any living player. But after many tries, Gladd impressively pulled it off. His run is below:

Destiny’s weekly rotation of events continues, and this week in particular sees the return of Iron Banner Clash for the month of January. It does not appear that Bungie is quite ready to talk about the sequel to Destiny yet, and has only just begun teasing a content update coming sometime this year. But as players continue to master the game as time goes by, more impressive feats like this one will surely continue.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.