Destiny Players Two Man Aksis Challenge as Weekly Featured Raid

destiny aksis back slam

After over three years, there is little that Destiny players can do to surprise fans. From creating and accomplishing new challenges, to completing existing challenges in unique ways, the Destiny community has shown its ingenuity in spades. But even then, there is still more work to do.

To celebrate the launch of Wrath of the Machine as the weekly featured raid, a new two-man Destiny team has taken on the Aksis Challenge. That means only two players were responsible for taking out the Captains with canons, killing the elemental servitors, throwing the SIVA charges, dispensing their supercharge, and stunning Aksis.

It’s a crazy raid encounter even for a full six-player fireteam, but two certainly requires a lot of coordination, practice, and understanding of the boss fight’s mechanics. Aksis may not be the hardest raid boss in Destiny, but it still has a lot of mechanics to consider, and completing the challenge adds a few additional wrinkles to the mix.

For those that might not be familiar, the Aksis raid challenge requires that one Empowered player dispense their energy into the glowing plate in the back of the boss fight room. This must be done before a different Empowered player stuns Aksis, freeing him up for damage.

While this isn’t the first two-man team to complete the Aksis Challenge, it is the first since Wrath of the Machine was added to the weekly raid playlist. That means the rewards have been greatly increased, and the loot table now includes elemental exotic primary weapons. Completing a challenge also unlocks an Age of Triumph ornament, which gives a new look to the Wrath of the Machine raid armor. Where the first ornaments gives the armor pieces a red glow, the second ornament option adds a digitized red texture on top.


With the release of Wrath of the Machine as the weekly featured raid, Bungie is seemingly closing the book on Destiny 1. Though there may be new updates and patches to fix problems, like the Sunsinger glitch in Trials of Osiris, this is it for “new” content. Now all players have left to keep them occupied is the Age of Triumph Record Book, and an opportunity to buy a shirt that commemorates their 3-year journey.

Destiny’s Wrath of the Machine Challenge is live for this week.

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