Destiny: How to Beat the Aksis Challenge in Wrath of the Machine Raid


As promised, the Aksis Challenge for Destiny’s Wrath of the Machine raid is live with the Tuesday reset. While King’s Fall had three challenge modes available on a rotation, there are only two for Wrath of the Machine, meaning this is likely it for the raid.

Of course, there will be other events for players to sink their teeth into, including this week’s Iron Banner, but, for all intents and purposes, the Aksis challenge is the last hooray for Destiny launch content. So, how exactly does one complete the Aksis challenge in Wrath of the Machine? First, players must know about the supercharge mechanic.

How the Supercharge Mechanic Works

While most players have gotten through the Aksis boss fight without ever using it, most know there is a “hidden” mechanic that supercharges all Guardians. To do so, all a player needs to do is head to one of the back plates and “dunk” their empowerment into the one that is glowing red.

Which plate lights up is completely random, but it will never be on the side that Aksis teleports to. So, for example, if Aksis teleports to the right side, then either the back middle plate or the left plate will have that red glow.


Things get a little tricky, though, because the person who is empowered on the same side as the glowing plate must run towards the plate and dispense their empowerment before their teammate stuns Aksis. That's where the empowerment comes in handy, because it increases the player's movement. Holding a cannon and wearing the raid boots can also help.

Completing the Aksis Challenge

As far as the Aksis challenge is concerned, the only thing that the fireteam must do is supercharge during every Aksis teleport. That means every time Aksis moves around the boss fight arena, an empowered player must use a plate. If someone doesn’t, then the challenge will not complete.

On top of that, a player cannot miss a stun on Aksis at any point during the encounter. If a stun is missed and Aksis stabilizes then the challenge mode completion will not register.


However, if you can hit the supercharge plate on every teleport then the team will have plenty of supers to work with. And more supers mean even more DPS on Aksis. Break out those Dark Drinkers if you have them, and even use the cannons early.

Aksis Challenge Rewards

While some will likely scoff at the Aksis challenge saying that it isn’t much of a challenge, there are plenty of players who will see the supercharge mechanic as challenging. Being able to ensure that an empowered player is in the right spot is one thing, but making sure one can stun Aksis and one can supercharge may prove difficult for teams with poor communication.


Those who can work together and hit their marks at the right time will be justly rewarded, though, with a Perfected ornament, a new emblem, and a heroic mode gear piece that can scale up to light level 400. But don’t set that ornament just yet; Bungie is going to lift the Silver Dust requirement on those with Tuesday morning’s patch.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

Image via Slayerage

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